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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Waffle N Steak

This was the first time that we ate here... Waffle N Steak

I think that this type of deco is called "RUSTIC"
My daughter... She never takes a bad picture

Rookie of the Year! CLASSIC!

Me and my number 1 man!
Show me the MONEY!

Cute lil syrup holder!
Yee Hawwwww
Saying grace! If you start them early... They will feel like it is a MUST!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Beach Bumming in Kuwait!

 After I got off on Friday morning... I went to eat at Early Bird with a couple of friends from work. I had the Banana Bread French Toast... (Seriously- Try it!)
The WORLD is so small because a lady that works in there is from my county in Fla!!! Shout Out to Citrus Co!!! LOL.

I got home and told the kids to get their bathing suits on. I took them to one of the my company's buildings to swim... It was SO COLD and SO deep that I thought... Hmmm- I have been here a long time and I have never been to the beach! So... ROAD TRIP! I went looking for one place... But ended up at another!!! We went to the El Joan Resort. I liked it. It was not crowded... And it was so nice! I could not find a website... But the below is the resort right next door. We will be going there one day too! There was a section named 'Amber'

Here are some photos from our day out~

Dj making a 'Sand Angel'
 Mimsi posing!
Mimsi in the Pool!

 Me getting into the pool! You know Mama has to test the water!
 Dj and I at the Company Pool! I jumped in to prove a point but got out just as fast!!! SOOOOO COLD!

 At the El Joan getting a ride to the Beach Area
 The girls!
 Me and Mims in the water
 Taking a picture for My Love...
 Isn't it Beautiful?
 My family in the water! Looking for Sea Shells!
I was checking the Shells!
MaryAnn and Mims!

We will have to go and find more beaches because we really had a BLAST!
I didn't know that I was missing this ALL SUMMER!
We love the WATER!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012


 Dj got his hair cut... A Mo-Faux- Hawk and a he got it spreayed GOLD! He thought that he was TOO cool!
 Caribou Coffee Chocolate... Yummmm!
 She was so happy to get to put this on! She is generally shy to ask for things, but she asked the shop owner to let her wear it! And he said yes!!!
Isn't that a LOT of gold!? The guy was so nice! He painted her fingernails and also gave her some gemstones! It is all about the kids! Since he treated them so well... He is now my "Gold Go To Guy!" The card I got was in Arabic but... I could read the number... 2391-7060. Blue Nile Jewellery (That was how they spelled it) Co. ......Behnam was floating in the middle of the card- So maybe that was his name!
I think that I will get Dj and Mims a necklace made there.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Happy Birthday DJ!!!

DJ had a great birthday! He got so excited when he saw his Skylanders! He got to have his bowling party! I was SO tired! I thought that I was going to be late!
I will have more pictures from the party when they tell me that they are ready for pick up!
I also just received more gifts from him in the mail today! So those pictures will be included also!

 Dennis and Marlyn with DJ. Thank You
 CJ, DJ and Mims!!!
 WWE!!! The Champs!!!
 You cannot get this girl away from her brother! Happy Birthday DJ!!!
 Dj loves to BOWL!
BEN 10! Thank You Jackson Family!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Signor Sassi-Kuwait

I liked this place for the most part. The deco was nice and the lighting was also. I did not like the HOSTESS though. Also- No free refills so drink sparingly!
This was cool... They make their own Noodles!
This is the fried cheese
My meal... Pollo V(something)
Amber had Penne ______
Mary Ann had Fettucini
Spaghetti for my Babies!

I thought that this was so cute and SIMPLE!
Me and the Mini's!
Amber Deuce!
Amber and Amber
Again and again!

GUCCI!!! This purse was HUGE!!!
The other side of 360! It is a pretty mall... And it has all of the UPSCALE shops in it! I like it!
To get to the 360 Mall...
Take HWY 30 toward Kuwait City... Exit on 6th Ring road, Go toward Jahra.
When you see the Kuwait Intl' Airport sign, get in the feeder lane and stay to the left... Wa-Laah
The 360 Mall... If you miss that exit... You will have to make a HUG circle to get in there!
Dj- Giving a sign of APPROVAL
Princess Mimi and Ms. Maryann!!!