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Thursday, October 11, 2012

From Gustavo:)

I went and got my mail... And then started dancing in the parking lot when I saw this BOX!!!
  He always knows what to say!
 Isn't this so beautiful!?
I cannot wait to write in this!!! I want to fill it with so many memories! 
And NO GUSTAVO!!! You cannot read it until WE are OLD! LOL.
Maybe it will be like "The Notebook"
I love you! Thank you!

I wanted to add the necklace to this post... It came on my birthday! Good timing!
The Past, The Present and The Future!!!
I hope that things continue to go as they are now... And better.
There is no looking back!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Building a Freelance Makeup Kit for Beginners

I completely LOVE this lady! Her personality is so cute! Her lil Southern Self!She reminds me of one of my BEST friends, Moni!!! I have been trying to figure out which BRUSHES to ask my sweet Gustavo to get me (My Birthday gift Idea) I asked a couple different make-up people... But they never responded:(  I love the way that she does her make-up and she always provides helpful links. GUSTAVO: HINT HINT HINT!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Book Bag Drive

The kids have been talking about going swimming... Everytime they see a pool, I get "THE LOOK"
So how perfect... A cook-out/back to school/ book bagdrive/charity event/POOL... all combined into ONE!
 Picture Time!!!
 Sibling Love
 Happy in the pool!
 I had to leave the party EARLY... I had to jump in the pool with all of my clothes ON to save my child... AND my Nanny... Driving home wet... NO BUENO
 DJ's new Back Pack! THANK YOU
Mim's New bag... Why did she had to take everything out and then it to show me... piece by piece???

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gift for Amber and Reggie!!!

I have a co-worker... (Reggie)
He has a wife... (Amber)
They are having a BABY!!! (Allyana)
Here is the gift that we all chipped into buy...

 All that is missing now... Is the baby!
 The Mama loves Leopard print... so this was perfect!
 I love these pillows!
 So cute!!!
 With the veil
Safari theme... And didn't even realize it. Yea- We are that good!
Now I will have another baby to steal on Fridays:) Lucky I like the Mama too!
Allyana is due to come on Sept 9th... Which is also DJ's birthday:)
We are all so excited to meet her!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Since I am working on Mother's Day... Like most Holidays... We get to celebrate early:)
Yesterday we went Jet-Skiing. It was a lot of fun. I knocked out early and woke up SUPER early. I decided to bake a cake. My cousin sent me a picture of an Oreo filled Cake... (No directions though; oddly enough) It looked good. So I tried it! I found the recipe at: 
Below are the results:)

Can you say, "YUMMMMMMMY"?
It tastes so much better then it looks! Next time- I will frost the whole cake with this Greatness. Gustavo has a new favorite:)
This card came from Domiyana. It is so sweet.

I know she got some help from her Daddy and DJ

My "Sweety"
This is from My DJ

He put a lot of effort in this. It has all of us going to an Ice Cream shop and Kiki and Karina saying, "Hi" from across the street:)
My son thinks I am a Star!!! Mission Complete!
When I woke up this Afternoon... DJ and Domiyana carried these beautiful flowers to me:) Thanks Gustavo
This is my Mother's day gift. Canon EOS 600D.
It is VERY hard to work. Gustavo is giving me homework. Slowly but surely I will figure this out!
This is photo I took with my new camera.

Thank You Dj, Mimi and Gustavo for a wonderful Mother's Day!
Jet-Skiing, Carinos, Gifts and Cake! Gotta Love it!