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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Funny LV Story… Not really

Have you ever felt like a complete IDIOT? Here is my story. SMH

I have been going to a lot of functions with the kids lately and I keep noticing that other "MOTHERS" have my LV Neverfull… Not shocking as it is a Classic bag but it does make you wonder… "Do people think that my bag is FAUX?" 

I was Christmas shopping with the kids at The Avenues and my husband showed up and said, "Let's go to the Louis store." I said… "NO, That is a super long walk and I do not need anything from there…"

Well… I saw a bag and it was calling me. "Amber, You need me. Just hold me…" I picked up the bag and OMG… It was PERFECTION!

I asked the lady how much it was and she told me… No biggie. It wasn't much… WAIT, HUH… I look at my Bank account and my eyes crossed… HOLY CRAP! She was talking KD… NOT USD!!!!
 Clearly going to America for a couple weeks MESSED up my whole "Currency" calculator! 

I called my husband because I felt guilty… Maybe it was buyer's remorse… I do not know… He said… You are not taking it back… (GAWD- I love this man)

So- Here is my Christmas gift… And maybe New Years, Valentine's, St. Patty, Easter, Mother's Day… Maybe all my 2014 holidays… LOL. I am going to PURSE REHAB! I know a couple of Kuwait bloggers that should join me… I won't call ya out though!!! The first step is recognizing the problem. :)
Here is: 
Ascot Damier Banegas!!!

The little coin purse came with the wallet… I really thought that  I was getting a deal! 

This purse is AWESOME though! It is BIG and has 3 separate sections! I love love love it! 
You are going to be seeing a lot more of this baby!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Birthday Ideas 2013

So- Gustavo keeps asking me what do I want for my birthday...
He BETTER read the BLOG!
 21 Rivoli
 109 Rouge Noir!!!
Lovely FALL lipstick for our CRISP nights!!!
Some boots... that look like this!!! (Similar is fine!!!)
I would like a LV Passport Cover and/or Make Up Bag...
Monogram print please!
I would like...
Some scarves...
A nice jacket...
Some skinny jeans, jeggings, leggings or a couple of sweaters... Maybe a couple sweater dresses...
Maybe I can find some Summer dresses for sale for NEXT year...
Some VS
And I liked the way that this smelled...
(I think this was it... I mean I get like 16 smelly sticks walking thru the mall! Gotta love Mimi!)

CH Eau de Parfum Sublime
I want...

And to have a nice day with my FAMILY!!!
To be with the ONES that I love!!!