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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Funny LV Story… Not really

Have you ever felt like a complete IDIOT? Here is my story. SMH

I have been going to a lot of functions with the kids lately and I keep noticing that other "MOTHERS" have my LV Neverfull… Not shocking as it is a Classic bag but it does make you wonder… "Do people think that my bag is FAUX?" 

I was Christmas shopping with the kids at The Avenues and my husband showed up and said, "Let's go to the Louis store." I said… "NO, That is a super long walk and I do not need anything from there…"

Well… I saw a bag and it was calling me. "Amber, You need me. Just hold me…" I picked up the bag and OMG… It was PERFECTION!

I asked the lady how much it was and she told me… No biggie. It wasn't much… WAIT, HUH… I look at my Bank account and my eyes crossed… HOLY CRAP! She was talking KD… NOT USD!!!!
 Clearly going to America for a couple weeks MESSED up my whole "Currency" calculator! 

I called my husband because I felt guilty… Maybe it was buyer's remorse… I do not know… He said… You are not taking it back… (GAWD- I love this man)

So- Here is my Christmas gift… And maybe New Years, Valentine's, St. Patty, Easter, Mother's Day… Maybe all my 2014 holidays… LOL. I am going to PURSE REHAB! I know a couple of Kuwait bloggers that should join me… I won't call ya out though!!! The first step is recognizing the problem. :)
Here is: 
Ascot Damier Banegas!!!

The little coin purse came with the wallet… I really thought that  I was getting a deal! 

This purse is AWESOME though! It is BIG and has 3 separate sections! I love love love it! 
You are going to be seeing a lot more of this baby!

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Grandest Avenue

I have been to the Grand Avenues TWICE since it opened... But I never saw what I saw yesterday! This mall just keeps going and going. If you used to go to the 360 Mall for the higher end stores... There is NO need now as The Avenues has EVERYTHING... I was almost bothered that I saw SO many stores twice.
When you go in the day it is like you are strolling outside... Great natural lighting. At night, It is like Wonderland! I love it.
Here are some shots I took.

 Brown Stone...
 Yes, The trees are REAL
 It is like walking thru an old Souk... There were a lot of lil shops... Oils, Prayer Beads, ETC.
 I found it!! I never saw this place... And I looked. It was JAMMED packed!
 Now it is a whole NEW feel!
 I swear there must be 10-15 Starbucks in this Mall! This one is the nicest though!
 Like London
 Another World!

 This changes colors

 I wish I could fit these Choo's
 A cute set up in Harvey Nichols. I love there store windows too! 
Isn't it so pretty!!!?