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Friday, May 4, 2012


Burj Al Arab- 7 Star Hotel

Burj Khalifa- Tallest building in the World
I love these buildings
Wafi Center
Wafi Center
Wafi Center

Gustavo posing (This was last year)
He looks like an Arab
Cool looking boat
This flag is HUGE
A nice Hotel
Mims got Henna
Dj and Kiki
Inside the lost Chambers
D, Ki and Me. (This was a free bag)
Dj posing with BLUE jellyfish
Mr. Banegas
Kiki and Gustavo
 The World is hers
 Waiting for elevator
 Getting ready for the Kids Club
 Kiki posing
 On our way to the spa
 Pictures do not capture the true beauty and detail put into this place
 Spa Entrance
 Registration ( I liked this idea)
 That is a waterfall!
 Looking down
 This way to the gym
 Looking up 
Outside the lady's dressing room
 Close Up
 On the outside of the dressing room
 Walking to the treatment room. That is water
 More deco
 The Royal Suite
 Couple's Massage
 Sitting area in Royal Suite
 Another sitting area in the Royal Suite
 More deco
 The mirror in the sitting room
 Inside the dressing room. 
 I was being nosey and exploring
 Hot Tub
 Hot Tub closer
 I loved the colors
 Beside the hot tub
 View in the West Tower of Atlantis
 Kids posing
 Domiyana calls this the Queen Chair
 Tasty Burgers, fries and shakes. The staff here was SO sweet!
 The Burger Joint Deco
 At the Beach... Palm Island
 Imperial Club Floor (We stayed on the 15th Floor)
 Getting ready to check out
 Group Photo
The Coolest door
 Inside the Kuwait Airport
 Dj is taking pictures of Mimi and Kiki
 Get it girls!
5 STAR rating
Getting ready to go to the Waterpark
At the Kid's play place
Dj loves Sissy
Little Cuties!
Mims and Mommy. Gator Girls!!!
Our Gator Group!!!
Gustavo and Kiki on the plane
View from our room
The room
Mims at the desk
Cool Bathroom
View from tub (You can close these, they are not the door)
Yay! I love free stuff. Yummy! Chocolate

Now here is the story-

We arrived at the AP and it was a short waiting line at immigration considering most of the people off the flight were GCC nationals which means that they went to another line. Then to the Taxi line, just follow the red signs on the floor that say taxi and have red arrows pointing in the direction of the exit.
There is automatically a fare of 20 AED for regular cars and 25 AED for mini-vans. Off the the Atlantis we go. 
When you pull up you are nicely welcomed. They take your bags and give you a tag. Go to the front desk if you booked a regular room. We booked an Imperial Club room which meant that we get to go to this room off to the side with no lines and check in. After check in you get a mini tour and escorted to your room. Now you are free to go and do as you like. ***There is a mini bar in the room, it is automated, so if you move anything... you get charged. (I found that out the hard way)
With the Imperial Club you get free access into the Water Park, The Kid's Club, the Spa/Gym and the Lost Chambers. Lost Chambers is an Aquarium with some cool decorations. When you are at the Water Park... make sure you grab a tube. They do NOT have them in the water slide lines. Basically you have to find one floating around some where. Also- Make sure you get a locker key at the ticketing counter (40 AED) 
The SPA was outstanding and the kids really enjoyed their time at the Kid's Club. We spent mot of our time in the water. If we weren't at the water park; we were at the pool. 
That was the our trip for the most part. Enjoy the photos:) They did not upload in order... Sorry