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Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 28: Trees

SRI LANKA- We were so high up that our ears were popping! Do you see the Waterfall?

There is a BIG CAT in the tree... This was in Yala National Park.

Day 27: Transportation

Gustavo and I bought this Audi when we first got here. I must say- It is a pretty good car. This is our current mode of transportation.
Mims is looking extra special here! But there is our car. My baby. My first car:) I call her a Hoop-TEE but I do not mean it. I hardly ever get to drive my car and I miss it. The kids call it the Crazy car... The race car... Anytime they see one similar here in Kuwait they point it out.

Day 26: My Weakness

Anyone who knows me - knows that I strive to be different... I do not think that My Man should smell like all the rest of the men in the World. If you had me sitting down and BLINDFOLDED... I know I will be able to pick Gustavo from a Line Up! I absolutely love this cologne! S.T. Dupont-Passenger Cruise!!!

This is in our bedroom! On our stand. We got the His & Hers! This cologne is My Weakness! It just smells so good on him!

Day 23- LoVe

 This picture got me through some hard times when I first got over here. I was stressed but looking at this made life a bit easier!
 Domiyana loves her Daddy!!! TOO MUCH! She is always connected to him and absorbing all his love.
When I see them... I see love! She will DEE-BOW you to get to him!

This is my Hunny Bun as he calls me! His favorite treat is a Hunny Bun so it is a great compliment. Also- My Dj is going to be in a Karate Tourament in Salmiya this Friday! I am so excited that he was picked! I will be taking a LOT of photos!

I bake for my LOVES:) They have been asking for Brownies... I will do it tomorrow!

Day 22: Black and White

I took some of my favorite pictures of myself and played with em a bit to make them B&W. Plus- I took a couple of my cousins B&W pics that were on my computer. I do not have the Mac so I do not have many pictures here... But I did with what I have. Generally I will attach all the photos to a draft entry and then complete my entry at a later time. But when the internet is not working at home- It is more difficult. Bear with me people!

This was me after a flight! Last year:)
This was me when I was in Kuwait before. Back in 2005:) I think I look the same!

This was a picture that Tina sent to me of my water babygirl!
Here is my water babyboy too! They are great swimmers now! I got to find them a pool SOON!
Here is me and Mi Suave. We do not take as many photos as we should. Him and the kids are my favorite photo subjects:) It is hard to get in front of the camera when you are always behind it:)

Day 21: Landscape

This is the landscape that we see daily. The is really no space in between the houses here. Many of the homes in Kuwait would EASILY make it on MTV Cribs. They are 3-5 stories. The house that we live in is 3 floors and there is a couple of rooms under the house with a seperate entrance. There is also a laundry room and storage room on the roof. I kind of like the idea of keeping your family housed. In most cases the daughters go to live with their husband's family. And the sons stay in the home of their Father and Mother. It is like separate apartments/flats upstairs. Our apartment has an identical apartment across from it.

Seeing this might make you see why going on vacation is great for us!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 20: H20 (Water)

This is a fountain on our dresser.

I love the water.

Hearing it through the night is very soothing to me.

Day 19: Summer Fun

Days off are great fun. And it is SUMMER so- This was SUMMER FUN.

First Stop- P.F. Chang's where the kids killed it!
Then across the street to the Al Shaab Park. It just happened to be Independance Day for Jordan so there was a lot of music and dancing.
Me and DJ

She is finally on a ride. Mims has been really scary lately. I am getting her back right though! This thing put us upside down. It was fun!

Mims and DJ on another ride.
DJ is just too cool!
She was not tall enough for the "Space Shot"
She was TOO happy about that!
Me and DJ went on though!
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That was FAST!!!
Gustavo and DJ on a ride.
Mimsi wasn't tall enough for this one...
So she got to pick the next ride!  Gustavo in front:)
Yes- The Pink Horse, of course!
Flying thru the sky~ Swings are so fun and fast!
In Kuwait they have these "MEGA FUN PLACES" as the kids call it all over the place. In Malls and outside as well.
Gustavo trying to win me a BIG teddy bear... He was SOOOOOO close.
Those are some HUGE lollipops!
Mims shopping... We needed a blender and she found them! I decided not to get it though:(
Mimi is on this "Healthy Tip" and she thinks V8 Fusion is going to be "good for her" because she sees all the fruits and veggies on there... Let's see if she likes it! Even if she doesn't, I think she will finish them. This is the only 6 year old I know who asks for Water when out to eat! Determined.... Check

Can you see the sheep in the back of the truck? Try explaining that to the kids!
Every Friday we do Pizza and Movie night... Since we already ate, we just watched the movie.
Summer Fun INDEED!

Day 17: Bokeh- Experiment Mims

"Domiyana- Look up"
Yes! I blurred her!!!
                                                                     Darn- what happened???
So I tried and TRIED... To get a Bokeh shot... I think that the second one is okay, right? I learned how to blur the background. Kudos! We were on our way to Tiffany & Co. I try to bring the camera EVERYWHERE!

Day 16: A Jar

Jar- Ummm, Well- I walked in the kitchen it these were the CLOSEST objects I could find to a JAR. That being said... Rice, Pasta and Sugar. I believe that Gustavo and I bought these at IKEA. To be honest- I hated going there with him when we first got to Kuwait. I haven't dared trying to go back with him there yet. LOL.

The Little Leprechaun came from "The Irish Village" in Dubai
When Gustavo and I were in Dubai the first time I took him there and he loved it. So he went back without me but brought back goodies for the house. When you are in there, it is like you are somewhere else... Not in the Middle East. Great spot!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 14: Someone I Love

This is my Family. They are the people that I love. Having a son, a daughter and a wonderful man make going home everyday a treat.

I know that DJ is going to be taller than Gustavo very soon! LOL.
They are such a cute bunch! And they let me practice using my new camera with them!

They Love him... TOO MUCH!
Can you see it?
Xena felt like she was missing out!
Look... They are watching Xena... I think that she is -SPOILED-!!! LMAO. This camera is fast!