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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UGG supports PINK

More Breast Cancer Support!!!
These are so cute!
I am not sure if I would be able to wear the loafers!
 It is getting VERY cold! I know that it may only be in the 70's but I get "Chicken Skin" (AKA Goose Bumps) easily!


What do you think? I wonder will they have these at the UGG store here in Kuwait

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CH Pink

All the times I have been at The Avenues.... And I have FAILED to see this BEAUTIFUL Creation!
 I do not know if I am a SUCKER... But Anytime I see something with the Breast Cancer Ribbon... I buy it!
The BOTTLE is so nice! I love it! CH makes GREAT perfume, so I am sure this one will be NO less then perfect!
 I have NOT smelled this perfume yet, but I will this weekend! I will report back my findings! (I was NOT able to find this LIMITED EDITION anywhere!)
"Wish aims to bring the concepts of love, hope and solidarity into an inspired product to help the fight against breast cancer."
  • olfactive notes

    Top Note
    Fruity and citric notes for a young carefree touch. Bergamot from Calabria, Lemon)

    Middle Note
    Warm and elegant (Bulgarian rose, Jasmine sambac, Orange blossom, Praliné, Cinnamon)

    Base Note
    Softer notes, warm interiors (Sandalwood, cedarwood, Cashmere, Patchouli, Amber notes, Transparent musk)


    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Playful Pink Persuasion

     I went to The Avenues with Lateefah, Fatima and the kiddies...
    First Stop- Sephora
    The Chanel lady was busy so I helped myself to the colors that I wanted to test.

     The color I picked is in the MIDDLE

    I ended up picking ROUGE ALLURE #94 Extatique
     I liked the way that it looked more then the others
     It is a pretty shade!

     It wasn't as loud as my previous lipstick picks...
    But pretty all the same. 
    I also bought some lip exfoilator and moisturizer.
    Nothing worse then having crusty lips!
     I was really bothered at check out because the Chanel lady came over and said something to the manager in Arabic, he then in turn checked my bag for the lipstick.
    I decided that I will NOT be shopping at Sephora again sadly... I may not know Arabic... But I know what it looks like to be accused of stealing!
    Be thankful that my children were with me, had they not been... I would have showed my TAIL...

    Monday, January 14, 2013

    Pretty Please Pink

    The inner Nerd in me has been looking for a wonderful shade of PINK lipstick... I really do put a lot of thought into the products and colors that I buy. 
    I have decided that I will stay with Chanel... Because I LOVE it and I DESERVE it too! Sometimes it is the little things that mean SO much.
    So here are my TOP 3 finalists! Sephora- I will see you on Friday!

    ROUGE COCO #17- Magnolia

     ROUGE COCO SHINE #57- Adventure

     ROUGE ALLURE #94- Extatique

    More to follow! So excited!!!

    Saturday, October 6, 2012

    5K-Breast Cancer Awareness Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

    I got off work then went to bed for 2 1/2 hours… Then I took the fam to IKEA… ( I am re-vamping the Flat, pictures to follow) after we got back we did a couple lil projects and before I knew it… The time was upon me to get to the event… You saw the part where I said I only got 2.5 hours of sleep right? I really didn't think that I was going to make it!

    October is my favorite month! Not only was I born in October… But Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October… Anyone who has ever been in the grocery store with me or has seen my desk can vouch that I support the cause!

    I took part in something that is SO much bigger then just one or two people! It was amazing how many people showed up to also showed their support! I swear there were 300+ people there!

    I still cannot believe I made it! I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but if I receive some from other people… I will add them:)
     Here are some Links I found!
    Here are some pics that I took!

     Karina Looking TOO happy (The Mother of Kiki and my BFF) 

     Monique and Karina

     Here I am!!!

     The board for Latonya Wilson!
     I was trying to get the lady in the backwards hat! She was an awesome lady!
     We are getting our numbers!!! Monique CHEESING!
     My number was '6'
     Latonya with her board… This was before everything started, I am sure she had a lot more!
     They were doing ZUMBA on the field to warm up! It looked like so much fun!!!

     This was most of us… I put my camera away early though...
     This is Greg… He was super funny and another volunteer… He kept the times. I think that I can find my time… (More to follow!)

     I almost blinded him with my flash!

    I got this lil goodie bag… Isn't it so cute? They had shirts… But I guess I didn't know about them until it was too late!
    Some of the stuff that came in my Breast Cancer Awareness Goodie Bag!

     Princess Mims wearing my number! Sometimes she is so cute! She does that kind of stuff on her own!
    (I did her hair SO CUTE!)

    I wanted to also add some of the pictures that I FINALLY got from a going away event…
    (L-R: Michelle, Tamiko, Karina, ME, Kathy, and Monet)
     Same order… But with our caplets on.
     I was glad that I was able to find a dress! And everyone looked so nice that night!
    My Darlings from down stairs did my Make Up! 
    Thanks MaNor and Latoof!

    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Mimi's Room

    In our current Flat, Gustavo decorated Mimi's Room and I decorated DJ's... (I will take post pictures later) So we only find it fair to switch it up and in the new house I will decorate Mim's room and Gustavo will decorate DJ's room. So I am thinking about doing a whole Black, White and Powder Pink theme. Kinda vintage and Paris like. I have found these rooms and like the style of them. I would change a couple of things up though. I figured her and I could do a couple of projects since she is so crafty in her young age. Give her some paper, scissors, glitter and glue... She is good to go. Perhaps I could put a bit of a Rock Star spin on it. What do you think? Cute, No?