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Saturday, June 23, 2012


 I have been doing the homeschooling lessons for the kids this week. Gustavo and a Co-worker sent me these links to help me keep the kids sharp. I bought a lot of little books from LuLu's on EXIT 208 to also keep their minds moving. Summer can really drain the brain! Dj and Mims are still finishing up their school year. We are moving quickly:) We only get Friday off! I am so proud of them and they seem to love the extra work I bring home for them. They work with "Ms. Mommy" for 3 hours a day and then the practice worksheets, workbook assignments, after that... It is a free day.

I hope that the kids finish before the next school year starts. I want to send them to Summer Camp so they can have some fun.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 19: Summer Fun

Days off are great fun. And it is SUMMER so- This was SUMMER FUN.

First Stop- P.F. Chang's where the kids killed it!
Then across the street to the Al Shaab Park. It just happened to be Independance Day for Jordan so there was a lot of music and dancing.
Me and DJ

She is finally on a ride. Mims has been really scary lately. I am getting her back right though! This thing put us upside down. It was fun!

Mims and DJ on another ride.
DJ is just too cool!
She was not tall enough for the "Space Shot"
She was TOO happy about that!
Me and DJ went on though!
Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That was FAST!!!
Gustavo and DJ on a ride.
Mimsi wasn't tall enough for this one...
So she got to pick the next ride!  Gustavo in front:)
Yes- The Pink Horse, of course!
Flying thru the sky~ Swings are so fun and fast!
In Kuwait they have these "MEGA FUN PLACES" as the kids call it all over the place. In Malls and outside as well.
Gustavo trying to win me a BIG teddy bear... He was SOOOOOO close.
Those are some HUGE lollipops!
Mims shopping... We needed a blender and she found them! I decided not to get it though:(
Mimi is on this "Healthy Tip" and she thinks V8 Fusion is going to be "good for her" because she sees all the fruits and veggies on there... Let's see if she likes it! Even if she doesn't, I think she will finish them. This is the only 6 year old I know who asks for Water when out to eat! Determined.... Check

Can you see the sheep in the back of the truck? Try explaining that to the kids!
Every Friday we do Pizza and Movie night... Since we already ate, we just watched the movie.
Summer Fun INDEED!