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Friday, October 4, 2013

Make your own BODY Scrub

Basically- I went into the kitchen... And this is what I found...
1- Olive Oil
2- Sugar
3- Honey
4- Vanilla
5- I got Baby Oil from Mary Ann!!!
From what Mary Ann said, she didn't like the Honey... No problem... I can use that!
I mixed it all together...
I liked the way it smelled... It was a slight sweet SMELL... I loved it!
I put it into the fridge... And then used it in the shower!
With the Winter weather... Skin is getting dry! I love the moisture that was left on my skin after this! I felt soft!
Gustavo loved it! So I guess I win! Yay! Happy dance!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Gustavo's Birthday!!! Cuts Steakhouse

Gustavo had a birthday! It was on Saturday! We celebrated on Saturday and Sunday! I know... He is so spoiled!
 So my Hubz was NOT able to decide what cake to get for him birthday... So I picked! CAKE N BAKE Yummy!
 My 3 babies... DJ, Mimi and Louie

The traffic was HELLA crazy on 30 for some reason! We were going to attempt to find RIO!... But No luck! I was happy to see that there was a Brazilian Steakhouse in the Avenues! (What don't they have?)
 Mims, Maryann and DJ
 CUTS!!! Inside, I liked the deco. The kids actually REALLY love the place as well!

 I learned something new, thanks Gustavo! Panoramic

 Our family!

Then to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY for a desert! Gustavo and I had the Red Velvet Cheesecake and the kids split an Oreo masterpiece!
I got my Hubzy some new shoes and a new watch... I thought he needed a watch with a BROWn band... As I never saw him wear one like that before!
I will take a picture... As I see he wore it today!

Gustavo~ I want to say THANK YOU for sticking by me! I know I am a flawed woman, but I am always striving to become better and to make you and the kids happy! Forgive me for not telling you daily how truly blessed I am to call you my husband!
I thank you for all that you are and all that you will become! 
Together we can make it thru anything! 
Forgive me for my time of weakness and bad judgement!
It's just me and you!

Te Amo Mi Suave! 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Killing my MONSTER addiction

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monster Energy Drinks! It is almost SAD!
I have to drink one EVERY day! Sometimes I drink 2 a day! I just love them!

Guess what Amber? You have to STOP drinking them! When I do not have one… I feel like I have a HEADACHE and I NEED one!
So- What I have done is… I am only drinking ONE a day… Until the case that Hubzy got for me is gone. I was reading that HIGH caffeine intake is not good when you are trying to have a baby… So- I have to do what is right. I have to KILL the MONSTER can!

I started drinking Monster when I was in Bagram, Afghanistan. A co-worker named Jason bought me one. I have been drinking one every morning since then. I know a lot of people drink coffee, tea or soda… But my only want in the beginning of my day is MONSTER… The GREEN MONSTER! I like the Yellow and the Orange as well. But the Green Monster has me by my taste buds! I have to "Unleash the Beast"


Dream job: Working at Monster or an Apple Store!

Just Kidding!
Good Bye Monster! I shall save 2.25 a day from here on out!
But if you are looking for them in KUWAIT... I see that the Sultan Center carries them... The Shaka Bakala does as well. Those are about the only places that I can find them!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Waffle N Steak

This was the first time that we ate here... Waffle N Steak

I think that this type of deco is called "RUSTIC"
My daughter... She never takes a bad picture

Rookie of the Year! CLASSIC!

Me and my number 1 man!
Show me the MONEY!

Cute lil syrup holder!
Yee Hawwwww
Saying grace! If you start them early... They will feel like it is a MUST!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dip n Dip

 I have been to The Avenues soooo many times and never saw this place! It is upstairs past the Build A Bear and the upscale kids clothing stores... There is a lot a BOOK STORE there! Yes, It is TRUE:)

 I had this Vanilla Shake... Though it was more like COLD vanilla milk... It was still YUMMY!
 The shadow of my cell phone:/ Chocolate Waffle for Lateefah!

I could hardly eat it all! It was so good though!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Village: Smash Burger

On Friday Mornings I generally take the kids to breakfast.
Last Friday Dj saw a sign for Smash Burger and got excited so I told him that we would go.
We are on the search for the BEST BURGER in Kuwait!
I told the kids if they finished their school buy 1430 (2:30 PM) that I would take them to SMASH BURGER today! You better believe they finished! LOL
  Here is Dj... Call 112- He KILLED the SMASH BURGER! (That is what he said)
Princess Domiyana... She stuns me all of the time with her ability to MATCH! She has a fashion sense already! She is such a lil Diva she told me that she couldn't wear the dress I picked for her because she "already wore it before"
Dj, Mary Ann and Mimster! They love her so much! And she SPOILS them!
So this is "The American" with regular french fries
"The Classic" is just like it, but has lettuce, tomatoe and onion.
I must say... It was good. I really liked the bun. People generally look at my strange because I discard the bun most of the time... I just leave places for my fingers to hold my food! LOL.
I have been trying to watch HOW much I eat, so I only ate half of my food. BUT I wanted to EAT it up!!!
 The menu... When I took this picture, the lady actually gave me a menu to keep:) Thanks! Fotos to follow!
 This is how much it costs for the 4 of us to eat... Now- As you look at this receipt you may think, "That is not bad at all..." In USD... $48.28 (Clearing throat)
 I really like this place... It is FULL of great places to eat... I saw Italian, Mexican... ETC. I went there for Shinita's birthday (Friday Night) as well and it was PACKED full! Photos to follow as well!