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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CH Pink

All the times I have been at The Avenues.... And I have FAILED to see this BEAUTIFUL Creation!
 I do not know if I am a SUCKER... But Anytime I see something with the Breast Cancer Ribbon... I buy it!
The BOTTLE is so nice! I love it! CH makes GREAT perfume, so I am sure this one will be NO less then perfect!
 I have NOT smelled this perfume yet, but I will this weekend! I will report back my findings! (I was NOT able to find this LIMITED EDITION anywhere!)
"Wish aims to bring the concepts of love, hope and solidarity into an inspired product to help the fight against breast cancer."
  • olfactive notes

    Top Note
    Fruity and citric notes for a young carefree touch. Bergamot from Calabria, Lemon)

    Middle Note
    Warm and elegant (Bulgarian rose, Jasmine sambac, Orange blossom, Praliné, Cinnamon)

    Base Note
    Softer notes, warm interiors (Sandalwood, cedarwood, Cashmere, Patchouli, Amber notes, Transparent musk)


    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Kim and Kanye's Baby Girl

    Finally- A glimpse at NORTH WEST! She is a CUTIE!

    I think that Kim and Kanye did the right thing by releasing photos themselves! The first picture was shown by Kanye... See below

    And the second by Kim on Instagram

    I did like that Brad and Angelina donated their FIRST baby pics "MILLIONS" to charity.


    Monday, September 30, 2013

    Who is your celebrity look-a-like???

    I got a comment on the blog today telling me that I look like a "BIGGER" version of Hala Gorani.
    (Maybe this is how I get confused for Syrian or Lebanese)
    This is her:

    They say EVERYONE has a twin in the World! I have NOT seen mine yet though!

    Now- I get told I look like a LOT of celebrities... However, I think NOW I know why!

    Light eyes and high cheekbones! That is what it is!
    See below:

     Sometimes I think people were just blowing SMOKE! As I have gotten a LOT of people that I do not look like at all:
    - Angelina Jolie
    - Kim Basinger
    - Amy Lee
    - Fairuza Balk
    - Megan Fox
    - Lauren Graham
    As I was looking at them though... I just noticed that their EYES are light... So- I guess having LIGHT eyes makes you look like A BILLION beautiful people

    If you want to see which celeb you look like: Go to
    Here is my result:



    What do you think??? try it for yourself! Share the results!!!

    Sunday, April 7, 2013

    Going SOUTH

    As some of my dearest readers may remember... Gustavo and I built a house. We were COMPLETELY in love with the house and PICKED everything... Long story short, after many missed deadlines and an unsightly tree...

    We decided that we no longer wanted the house.
    My heart was BROKEN! I had everything shipped and ready to move in...

    THEN- We found a second house that honestly, was not everything we wanted... But it was ok. In the end, Gustavo talked me out of that house too! (Thanks Babe!!! Good Call!!!)

    I am getting closer to the DIRTY THIRTY and I am feeling the need to SETTLE. I am looking for the 3 S's (Safety, Security, Stability)

    One thing that I love about Gustavo is that he is like me as far as adventure, travel and taking the easier but not so traveled road!

    We have NO intention of returning to AMERICA. Not to live.

    We are setting our sites SOUTH of the border to Central America!

    Most people just look at us like we are crazy when we tell them that we are going to Nicaragua; but heck, we are used to those looks!

    Here are our main reasons:

    1. Low cost of living: 1 USD to 24.40 Nicaragua cordoba

    2. Low MURDER rate (13:100,000) Steady for 5 years:)

    3. Beautiful weather, cheap medical and a fresh start!



    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Day 7: Make-Up Bag Items

    This is what I use... These are the contents of my make-up bag. As you can see- Very basic:
    -Lip Gloss
    -Lip Liner
    -Eye Liner
    -Base foundation
    -Amber Romance Glitter Dust
    I love to play with eye shadow too. But not much over here. I hardly even wear any make-up at all.