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Monday, September 10, 2012

Allyana is HERE!!!

Reggie and Amber welcomed their sweet babygirl into the World yesterday!

Birthdate: 09-09-12
Weight: 6 lbs. 7 oz.
Length: 20 in
Here is the Lil Angel!!!!

 Doesn't she look like a little Eskimo Baby?
 She is SO SMALL!
 Mary Ann and Allyana!!!
 She was being lazy! Open your eyes Pumpkin!
 "Lady- Leave me alone!!!"
 Amber, Amber and Ally!
 Amber, Amber and Ally AGAIN!
Mommy and Baby!
I went straight from work to see them! I picked up the Nanny and off to the hospital! I made it to the hospital off of my iPhone Map!!! YAY!
Go Amber!
GUSTAVO- You asked me what I want for my Birthday... Can I have one of these? But a BOY!?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie Night 8 June 2012

We have tried twice to watch Men In Black 3 and EVERY TIME there have only been 3 seats left... As many know- We need 4 seats. We are a family of 4! So the movie of the night was "The Avenger's" I did not make it thru the whole movie nor did anyone else. I woke up HOT, sweaty and because Xena (The Bulldog) snores louder than a over-sized MAN...

I knew that DJ was going to tell me that he had NOT fallen asleep so I snapped a photo as evidence! WHO is the Smartest Mommy now Huh Dj? Ha Ha Ha... ME~! He thought it was so clever that I had photos!