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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Blondes Have more Fun?

Gustavo's Blonde
My natural hair color is light brown but people always call me blonde. One day I decided to take it to the EXTREME and dye it SUPER blonde! ---I will show you blond!!!

I look like I should be on 'TWILIGHT'

Do blondes have more fun? No- They don't! The reason why people think that is because... When you are blond- You catch a lot of attention. Once you get that attention... You are used to it. I am sure that I am right about this. Also- You keep nicknames... Goldie, Goldie Locks, Blondie, Bombshell;)

My BLOND moment did not last long at all. I have already changed my hair to a darker shade. Being blond is a LOT of work! Darn those roots! Makes your hair look DIRTY/greasy all the time! Also- Being in an Arab country with blond hair... Not the best idea, as I try to keep a low profile while I am out and about. This is what I have now... Still Blonde but more 'GOLDEN'

 I will be calling my salon today when I get off of work and I am going to try something new... LOW LIGHTS!!! I will let you know how that looks. ---If she EVER answers the phone! It has been 4 days now and still... No Show! I am scared of getting a new hair dresser! :( I may try the salon that some of my co-workers go to! --Name to come later. Let me see if they are good first!