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Sunday, January 12, 2014

P2BK 2014 ***SAND VILLAGE***

I thought that today was the day! The day that the Sand village is open! I could not go… But Gustavo took the kids… Guess what… IT OPENS ON THE 30th! Jan 30th… I thought about all the rain that we have been getting and thought that it would be delayed!
They did have a good time there though… I will make sure that they go AGAIN!
Here are some pictures that they took of the "IN PROGRESS"
I am sure that it is going to be so amazing.

BTW- If you are wondering WHERE to go… It is The Kuwait International Fair (KIF) If you look that up you will be in the right spot!
Gustavo said that a couple of shops were open, the kids played on the playground and ate McDonalds… So I am sure it wasn't a complete fail!

ALSO- I see that the blog 2:48 has a lot of pictures… (I saw it in my BLOG roll!)
Here is a sneak peek video…

I am SOOOOO excited!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Loving London

We had a ten hour layover in London...
What can you do in London with 10 hours???

First- Go to
Get round trip tickets to Paddington Station
Now- Get tickets for the Big Bus Tour
When you leave the Paddington Station,  go across the street to the LEFT and you will see a Burger King, from there... Make a right. On the corner is where you will board the Bus... You will be on the Blue Line... You will switch buses...
We got off the bus and caught a taxi back... I love taking local transportation. 

We saw so much!!! 
See Below: