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Saturday, December 1, 2012

I made some cool tables!

As most people know... I have had a few Nannies since I have been in Kuwait... Each Nanny was different with their cleaning styles... One of them... Used to use a CAN of pledge every time she dusted... The effects were NO BUENO on my night stands! See Below:

Basically- It welted the paper and caused bubbles... ETC...

How to fix this???... Amber has an idea!!!

First I used a tape measure:)
and then got glass cut for the tops (6MM think)
 4 KD total!

"Be back in an Hour...."

Then Mary Ann and I started cutting out magazine articles and newspaper clippings...

What do you think? of the finished product?

I really like the way that Gustavo's turned out! They are really like "HIS & HERS"!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aqua Massage

(Be advised: The machine closes COMPLETELY around you!)
 The Nanny and I were at Lulu's shopping and on the way out... I stopped at this Aqua massage set up....
 I really wanted to see what it was like... Since my Nanny is probably the most SOPILED Nanny in Kuwait, She went too.
 It really felt GREAT! They told me how to change the water pressure and area... But instead, I just let it go the way it was set. I think that it was 3KD for 10 minutes. It really felt like 1000 Lil Chinese hands were massaging me... Choppy style.
Maryann is in there...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Going to GOA!!!

I really would love to travel around the Middle East but considering everything that is going on... I decided it is best to skip those trips for now. If I was alone it would be different... But I gotta protect my CUBS:)
Dubai is great... But honestly I have been there so many times that it is nothing spectaular to me anymore. And why not take advantage of the CHEAP trips!!!
We are going to G-O-A! That is going to be our next Mini Vacation! Google has helped me provide some reasons why:

I know that we will have fun! Now let the PLANNING begin!!!