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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Friday Family Fun! Desert Style

After running errands... I was on Twitter asking, "What should I do with the kiddies?" The ever so wonderful and sweet American Girl gave me a wonderful suggestion! And directions to a spot where I ccould take the kiddies!

 Me and the kids... This is my hair without any heat... You will probably NEVER see this again! LOL
 This man is brave! Mimi is learning how to drive!
 Let me put your hair up!
 She is so cute huh!?
 Dj getting on a 4 wheeler... He was warming this one up for Mary Ann
 I am watching like a good Mommy!
 Me and Mims! I am TOO big for this thing! But... It will do
 Those are my babies! And Mary Ann! Having fun
 DJ- Do not go up that hill!
 Mary Ann and DJ are driving around!
 My Princess!
 Going to where the 4 wheeler area. It was so pretty there... BEWARE of PotHoles!

 Going to get lunch...

Here are the kids knocked out! A sign of a job well done!
I think that we will go out there again soon.
On the way there were so many people selling fireworks and kites! I will get some next time and spend the day out there... Where is the bathroom though? I didn't see one of those... Hmmm

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 21: Landscape

This is the landscape that we see daily. The is really no space in between the houses here. Many of the homes in Kuwait would EASILY make it on MTV Cribs. They are 3-5 stories. The house that we live in is 3 floors and there is a couple of rooms under the house with a seperate entrance. There is also a laundry room and storage room on the roof. I kind of like the idea of keeping your family housed. In most cases the daughters go to live with their husband's family. And the sons stay in the home of their Father and Mother. It is like separate apartments/flats upstairs. Our apartment has an identical apartment across from it.

Seeing this might make you see why going on vacation is great for us!