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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Since I am working on Mother's Day... Like most Holidays... We get to celebrate early:)
Yesterday we went Jet-Skiing. It was a lot of fun. I knocked out early and woke up SUPER early. I decided to bake a cake. My cousin sent me a picture of an Oreo filled Cake... (No directions though; oddly enough) It looked good. So I tried it! I found the recipe at: 
Below are the results:)

Can you say, "YUMMMMMMMY"?
It tastes so much better then it looks! Next time- I will frost the whole cake with this Greatness. Gustavo has a new favorite:)
This card came from Domiyana. It is so sweet.

I know she got some help from her Daddy and DJ

My "Sweety"
This is from My DJ

He put a lot of effort in this. It has all of us going to an Ice Cream shop and Kiki and Karina saying, "Hi" from across the street:)
My son thinks I am a Star!!! Mission Complete!
When I woke up this Afternoon... DJ and Domiyana carried these beautiful flowers to me:) Thanks Gustavo
This is my Mother's day gift. Canon EOS 600D.
It is VERY hard to work. Gustavo is giving me homework. Slowly but surely I will figure this out!
This is photo I took with my new camera.

Thank You Dj, Mimi and Gustavo for a wonderful Mother's Day!
Jet-Skiing, Carinos, Gifts and Cake! Gotta Love it!