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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tweet Tweet

Following the friendly advice of Expatandthecity I have made a TWITTER ACCOUNT...
I am generally NOT pro Social Media... But exposure and entertainment is needed:)
So I am @JustUSQ8
What will the "Followers" be called???

"To the Think Tank!!!"

Tips to follow as I learn a lil bit!

So far...
No Locations.
No "Hey I am at Caribou Coffee in Fahaheel" tweets...
Do NOT open up any links from people you do not know
Eat Cheesecake for happiness

How do you find "Followers"???
First thing that I did was went to Expats profile...
I looked at who she was following and then picked some of her people.
Then I clicked on a couple of their people... ETC
I also picked the people that I liked!
More to follow...

I will set a goal to "Follow" 100 people every week. Obtainable? I think YES
Wil I be able to TWEET 100 times a week? Maybe...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get back to Work!

For some reason, I expected things to feel different when I got back to work, but EVERYTHING was the same. It was like I had only been gone for one day.

In Sri Lanka, time went by so slow, in America... it flew! I only hope that these next couple of months fly by as well.

Working in Kuwait is like a mixture of The Real World... The Office and a pinch of the Bad Girls Club...
Reality at it's best.

Gustavo makes fun of me because I do NOT keep friends long...
There is a reason for that though...
I honestly believe that loyal and self-less people are hard to find. I try NOT to expect too much from people that way I will never be shocked by their short comings... But that is hard.
Sadly- I have learned that most people are only out for their best interests... While I am not. I do not like people who share my business (more than I do) or people who talk about me behind my back.
You only get one shot... My time is far too valuable.
I hate feeling like I am being used...
I have my own family and they will always come first.
I do not care about being friends on  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google Circles, ETC... I care about being a good mother and wife... I run on my own time... That is what grown women do.

That is all of my ranting for now:)