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Saturday, January 19, 2013


I was at work talking to a co-worker/friend, HOLLEY, and she told am about a burger place in the 360 Mall... She said it was the best burger... So- We had to go and test it!
I think that we found the place that she was talking about! 
So basically they are saying this burger is ALL NATURAL!
The Menu! It was on a clipboard, I thought that was cute:)
Here are the tables... Clever huh? So far, so good
Mary Ann and Mimster
My D to the J
I am sure she was saying something which made me take this picture!
Me and my number 1 man!
Me and my Mini!
More shots of the place
And another shot
Fries came out first.
Here are the burgers.
Sadly- I did not like the taste of the burger. It is like they seasoned it with onion... And I do NOT like ONION! At all... ZERO...
The delivery of the bill and sanitizer! I liked that!
Close up because the lil pale was so cute!
The bill!
The is a GRAND TOTAL of 67.67 USD!!!

Another shot of the place.
Now to add more to the growing waistline! Krispy Kremes!!!
We have a bit of time before the movie!
My babies! Lil cuties! We saw a movie called, "Zambezia" It was about birds... It was a cute movie.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Village: Smash Burger

On Friday Mornings I generally take the kids to breakfast.
Last Friday Dj saw a sign for Smash Burger and got excited so I told him that we would go.
We are on the search for the BEST BURGER in Kuwait!
I told the kids if they finished their school buy 1430 (2:30 PM) that I would take them to SMASH BURGER today! You better believe they finished! LOL
  Here is Dj... Call 112- He KILLED the SMASH BURGER! (That is what he said)
Princess Domiyana... She stuns me all of the time with her ability to MATCH! She has a fashion sense already! She is such a lil Diva she told me that she couldn't wear the dress I picked for her because she "already wore it before"
Dj, Mary Ann and Mimster! They love her so much! And she SPOILS them!
So this is "The American" with regular french fries
"The Classic" is just like it, but has lettuce, tomatoe and onion.
I must say... It was good. I really liked the bun. People generally look at my strange because I discard the bun most of the time... I just leave places for my fingers to hold my food! LOL.
I have been trying to watch HOW much I eat, so I only ate half of my food. BUT I wanted to EAT it up!!!
 The menu... When I took this picture, the lady actually gave me a menu to keep:) Thanks! Fotos to follow!
 This is how much it costs for the 4 of us to eat... Now- As you look at this receipt you may think, "That is not bad at all..." In USD... $48.28 (Clearing throat)
 I really like this place... It is FULL of great places to eat... I saw Italian, Mexican... ETC. I went there for Shinita's birthday (Friday Night) as well and it was PACKED full! Photos to follow as well!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being Banegas

I wanted to post a couple photos of me and Gustavo on our Honeymoon... I will provide photos of the hotel next and believe me... It was the BEST hotel I have EVER been too! The pictures may not do the place any justice!

 This is the first set of pictures we got together. 
Gustavo and Amber Banegas:)
 In the Lobby
 Breakfast is served!!! (The next morning)
 Looks like he is checking out my RINGS!

 He got me Roses:) That is his hand, Not mine! LMAO
You get a drink when you get to your room... More to follow on those details!
-No NO... It is not a sock in my hair!
 He LOVES the NEWS! They first brought him one in ARABIC!

What a nice CARD! Thank You
  When I was sitting at the bar, I got a rose...
Looking Up
What a surprise! Thanks Baby!!!
 Baby Bells~!
We had a Pre-Bar drink! LOL
Me... Being Happy

I think that I have more pictures, but my computer is acting up! The hotel post is coming!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope that everyone has a great Thanksgiving...

I will cook for the baby bears tomorrow... This is when I miss family the most.

Another Holiday Season in Kuwait!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJ's Bowling Party Pictures!!!

I got the video and pictures that the Bowling Alley provided:) Pretty Cool! As a small disclaimer though... I got home at 0830... Played with the kids until 1030, Slept and woke up at 1332.. (1:32 PM) The party was at 2:00 PM! I thought that we were going to be late... I threw on whatever was close and then... OUT the door. Next Birthday, I will be ready to be photographed! LOL.
All in all DJ had a great time and that is all that matters. His birthday toys keep coming! Thank you to everyone who came out, for everyone who bought him gifts and the Warm Birthday Wishes! We really appreciate it! You know that OUR CUBS/Baby Bears mean the World to US!!!
Gustavo & Amber
 The Bowling Lanes! Happy Birthday DJ!
 The Cake!
 Space Bowling Balls!
 My Angels!!!
 Me and My Babies!
 In Action
 CJ and DJ!
 Dj and Mimi!
 Dj, CJ and Mims!
 Focus Focus!!!
 Mary Ann looking SO professional! LOL
 DJ bowling!
 We are singing!!! Happy Birthday DJ!!!
 Me, Dj, Mimi, Kiki and Karina
 Yum Yum...

 This is me... After only 4 hours of sleep... And I SUCK at bowling!
 Mrs. Jackson