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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Killing my MONSTER addiction

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Monster Energy Drinks! It is almost SAD!
I have to drink one EVERY day! Sometimes I drink 2 a day! I just love them!

Guess what Amber? You have to STOP drinking them! When I do not have one… I feel like I have a HEADACHE and I NEED one!
So- What I have done is… I am only drinking ONE a day… Until the case that Hubzy got for me is gone. I was reading that HIGH caffeine intake is not good when you are trying to have a baby… So- I have to do what is right. I have to KILL the MONSTER can!

I started drinking Monster when I was in Bagram, Afghanistan. A co-worker named Jason bought me one. I have been drinking one every morning since then. I know a lot of people drink coffee, tea or soda… But my only want in the beginning of my day is MONSTER… The GREEN MONSTER! I like the Yellow and the Orange as well. But the Green Monster has me by my taste buds! I have to "Unleash the Beast"


Dream job: Working at Monster or an Apple Store!

Just Kidding!
Good Bye Monster! I shall save 2.25 a day from here on out!
But if you are looking for them in KUWAIT... I see that the Sultan Center carries them... The Shaka Bakala does as well. Those are about the only places that I can find them!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


 No Make-up... I was told that I hide behind my BLOG... and behind the camera... Not the case!
Gustavo gets a picture almost everyday! I think that I will try to take a picture of myself everyday for a month! I am sure it is harder then it sounds!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 25: Favorite Color

I love Green Monsters... Green Eyes... Money is Green. Green Plants:) If you ask my kids what my favorite color is- They will say GREEN. People at my job call me "SHE-Hulk"... She is GREEN...
So all in all- Green is my favorite color.