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Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 25: Favorite Color

I love Green Monsters... Green Eyes... Money is Green. Green Plants:) If you ask my kids what my favorite color is- They will say GREEN. People at my job call me "SHE-Hulk"... She is GREEN...
So all in all- Green is my favorite color.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 18: Eyes

These are my eyes. Gustavo was playing around with the MACBOOK (iPhoto) and made them look so pretty:) This was me at Halloween and two Kuwaiti girls from downstairs did my eyes up! I feel so blessed to live where we do. The Kuwaiti family has embraced us and I really like them.
When I was pregnant I prayed that my children would have green eyes... When they were born they looked green... But now they are telling me, "Mommy- My eyes are Hazel!" I have learned not to argue back because they are right... They have beautiful eyes though... I will post them. I wish mine were as big as theirs are!

Dj has a paint spot (as his Aunt Stephanne dubbed it) in one eye which I think is so darn CUTE! I love the shape of his eyes.

Mimsi- Who can say, "NO" to this face? I can- I am immune! LOL. She has some brown in the middle of her eyes. I love their eyes!!!