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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Ombre the WRONG way!

Dear Desert Girl… 
For your viewing and laughing pleasure!
I have given examples of "Good Ombre and BAD OMBRE!"

I have been going to the same lady to do my hair for a while now… What do you do when you get your hair all messed up? I asked… Do you know how to OMBRE… The answer was yes… But I saw once shed started that… OH SHIT! I am in TROUBLE!
I remember telling her… "I do not want LINES in my head!"
This is what I wanted!
Just a couple examples… I also told her… I want a high-light to frame my face… I thought it was going to look great and this way… I wouldn't have to maintain a dye job when it grows out!

Just looking STUPID...

This is the face that I had to make to keep myself from crying! My hair is F*cking YELLOW

 This was the next day… I hid my face because… That is how bad it was
 I saw that they said to FIX it… To put an ash blond or light ash brown… So- That is what I told her to do.
 It is looking ok wet… Right? 
 Ok… This isn't that bad! 
 I left feeling a little better...
 Little did I know… The curls were a DECOY!
 This is the next day… You cannot tell… But me hair looked greenish or grayish
Not SOOOOO bad… Right?

 This is what it looks like… Like HELL
I was going to get it fixed when I was in America… But I was just too busy! I didn't even do my hair when I was home!


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Red Hair

I have been slacking on blogging lately!

I felt so BUMMED because my MACBOOK PRO crashed... So I lost ALL of my pictures! What fun is blogging without pictures?    NONE!

I have changed my hair color... I went to red. I wasn't sure if red would work with the different color lipsticks that I grew to love... But I decided it was time for a change. Honestly- Being blond(ish) is great because I do think that you can wear whatever color lipstick that you want... But... Change is always good.  I went to a hole in the wall place... And I loved the hair cut that I received!!! The color is great too! I know red will always fade! But we shall see what comes of it. The salon is Salon Montana. It is on Exit 211. The lady's name was Selma. Here it is!!!

 BEFORE...                                                                                 AFTER

 RED LIPS                                                                               PINK LIPS


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Do Blondes Have more Fun?

Gustavo's Blonde
My natural hair color is light brown but people always call me blonde. One day I decided to take it to the EXTREME and dye it SUPER blonde! ---I will show you blond!!!

I look like I should be on 'TWILIGHT'

Do blondes have more fun? No- They don't! The reason why people think that is because... When you are blond- You catch a lot of attention. Once you get that attention... You are used to it. I am sure that I am right about this. Also- You keep nicknames... Goldie, Goldie Locks, Blondie, Bombshell;)

My BLOND moment did not last long at all. I have already changed my hair to a darker shade. Being blond is a LOT of work! Darn those roots! Makes your hair look DIRTY/greasy all the time! Also- Being in an Arab country with blond hair... Not the best idea, as I try to keep a low profile while I am out and about. This is what I have now... Still Blonde but more 'GOLDEN'

 I will be calling my salon today when I get off of work and I am going to try something new... LOW LIGHTS!!! I will let you know how that looks. ---If she EVER answers the phone! It has been 4 days now and still... No Show! I am scared of getting a new hair dresser! :( I may try the salon that some of my co-workers go to! --Name to come later. Let me see if they are good first!