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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Get back to Work!

For some reason, I expected things to feel different when I got back to work, but EVERYTHING was the same. It was like I had only been gone for one day.

In Sri Lanka, time went by so slow, in America... it flew! I only hope that these next couple of months fly by as well.

Working in Kuwait is like a mixture of The Real World... The Office and a pinch of the Bad Girls Club...
Reality at it's best.

Gustavo makes fun of me because I do NOT keep friends long...
There is a reason for that though...
I honestly believe that loyal and self-less people are hard to find. I try NOT to expect too much from people that way I will never be shocked by their short comings... But that is hard.
Sadly- I have learned that most people are only out for their best interests... While I am not. I do not like people who share my business (more than I do) or people who talk about me behind my back.
You only get one shot... My time is far too valuable.
I hate feeling like I am being used...
I have my own family and they will always come first.
I do not care about being friends on  Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Google Circles, ETC... I care about being a good mother and wife... I run on my own time... That is what grown women do.

That is all of my ranting for now:)

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drama from the MAMA!

Today has been one of the worst days I have had over here...

What happened to compassion and understanding? Learning your employees?

Sometimes I HONESTLY want to pack up everything and get the HECK outta here! I have to deal with more then the AVERAGE person! On the DAILY. It gets hard when people do not think about cirumstances or situations! I never ask for "SPECIAL" treatment... But the fact that I am BASICALLY a SINGLE Mother in a Foreign Country... Understand that I have things to do! And I will RECORD MY time ACCORDINGLY!

And you are OFF!!!
-Drive Home
-Spend time with the kids...
-Work Out
-Wake up 4-6 times in the day...
-Check the time, email... Sleep
-Wake UP!!!
-Get Dressed
-I have to worry about the CRAZY drivers on the road, those two vehicular cameras on the way to work... (I have to know... Am I going to get a ticket because I am IN the picture? I know I wasn't speeding TWICE and the IDIOT got me flashed!!! How do they know which car it is???)
-Did you remember your badge? Whoa, Yes!
-Is the BUS going to leave you?
-Are you going to be late now?
Then into the office...
-Now, Put on your "I do not give a DARN about anything- EVERYTHING in my life is PEACHY- smile"
"Hi Amber", "Hey Amber", "Glad you are here Amber...."
Sit down at my desk...
I am on TIME!
That is just 1/2 of it!!!
It is difficult to go into work and SPEND 12.45 hours with the same people...

I try to be the same EVERYDAY... and I am trying to be a better person. Most people who remember me generally only use one word.... "CRAZY"!!! I am really attempting... So when I can feel that someone is pissing me off, I try to stay calm... This TASK is difficult... VERY DIFFICULT...

"Think about the kids, Gustavo... The house... Calm down Amber"
I wish I was RICH and didn't have to work. I could just be get pretty... cook... shop... Do whatever I wanted! And MY FAMILY would be all that I had to WORRY about!...

Where is a Genie when you need one?