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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Yes, I am back

    Gustavo and I flew home to close on the house! YAY! We did a lot of painting… Almost every room has a color! I think that we accomplished a lot in a small amount of time. A lot of window blinds were put up as well! I think that I am a pro with the drill now.

    We are back home… And happier then ever. We were stuck with a lot of delayed and cancelled flights due to the big winter storm that was happening in the North-East coast. That was a LONG 36 hours! I tell you that!

    I honestly didn't want to leave! I found that being home was comfortable! Our area had EVERYTHING… So close. The drivers were so friendly. Strangely enough, We have Arab neighbors! They were very friendly. The neighborhood was very diverse. I loved that! I am sure that the kids will have plenty of people to play with there.

    My home town is maybe an hour and a half away. I didn't make it to visit as I was very busy running around, plus… People really wanted to see the kids, and since we didn't bring them… They would have been disappointed. My cousin Stephanne and her daughter Danielle did come to visit us though and I was SO happy to see them!!! 

    I have two close friends that live in the area and Gustavo also has people he knows there… So… I think that we will be comfortable on the friend avenue as well. It was cool to just pick up the phone and be able to call my Bestie without thinking about the time difference!

    A lot of people keep asking when we will be home for good. I would love to be able to answer that… I just can't. I want to keep our family together and if living in Kuwait is how it has to happen then… We will be in Kuwait! :)

    It is so close to Christmas and it doesn't really feel like it. I am ready for the NEW YEAR! 

    NEW Beginnings! I am ready to put 2013 in my REAR VIEW mirror as it has been the WORST year of my life!!! My focus this coming year is my FAMILY! That is all!  

Saturday, October 19, 2013

House so far

We are building a house... It has not been an EASY project! It has actually been stressful. I am not sure if it is hard because we are in Kueait and building in Florida... Or if it is just normal while building.
I should be getting weekly updates and photos... But. I don't! I have been using only the Homebuilder Rep and I did not get a realtor.

Here are the pictures that I received a couple of weeks ago!
 I am hoping to get an update soon. We are waiting to see what the shutters, stone accents and all the colors will look like!

Gustavo and I will be going home in November to close on the house. There is so much that still needs to be done!
To help knock out some of the small things. We have been ordering online and we have been sending the packages to my Bestie's (Tina Turner) house. We will send a POD to her house and then have it shipped to our house.
So far we have gotten:
1. The kids' bathroom stuff. (Nautical Theme)
2. Decor for Mimster's bedroom (Black, Pink and White: Paris Theme)
3. Decor for DJ's room (Space-The final frontier!)
4. Small paintings and accents for around the house
5. A fireplace:)
6. We got our bed clothes

I like to try and get the things that we like opposed to having to settle for what the store has. Plus- Buying EVERYTHING at once is a heck of a task!

I am tasking Gustavo to a Honey Do list when we arrive.
I feel awful that we are not taking the kids this time, but... I think that it is better. They just got back from America in August and it was 5k for the tickets! Since we are not going to be in the States very long, We decided that it was best for the kids to stay put. We will be doing a lot of running around and there will not be much for the kids to do.
(No TV, NO video games, No toys, ETC.)
I am so excited to get to the house and start decorating the house!
I have SO many ideas in my head!
I am really excited to see my family at home and I hope that I will be able to see them all!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

House of Mirrors- Kuwait

My dear friend, JOE and I went to the House of Mirrors in Kuwait!
Joe is a the most WELL traveled person I know. I think that he has been to 35 countries (and counting) I like talking to him and my husband doesn't have a problem with it, so it is a win win!
 I LOVED it! Lidia was an energetic and COMPLETELY awesome lady! I loved this place! DO NOT wear heels, if you do, bring slide on shoes as well. (I did!) Be prepared to be there about two hours. She has you do a lot while you are in the house. She tells stories and explains a lot!
Lidia is from ITALY!
It is 2 KD (almost 8.00 USD) to go on the week day and 3 KD (a lil over 10.00 USD) to go on a week end.
I have all of the info at the end of this post!
Take a look below:
The outside, you can't miss it!
This is the sitting area
Another shot
The ceiling
More pictures as we were awaiting the rest of the guests!
The ceiling
This is the floor and the base of the couch
I have no idea what it says, but it looked cool
Entrance to the kitchen
Another shot
Me and a dolphin!
She feeds you a snack!
She is TINY!
Leaving the kitchen

Look at her cabinets!

I love this picture! That is my LIBRA sign! And the shadow of a planet
Gemini... JOE's sign

The floor
Do you see the table?

The floor

JOE in the bathroom


All of the upstairs is ART, ART and more art!

This is a drawing of Lidia when she was younger:)

She is asking what is this made out of?

I won... I am so clever. Since I got the right answer, I got a prize!
Looks like a Patron Saint, don't you think?


I loved this piece


I had to REALLY bend down to take a picture with her!

Me and JOE


She took a picture of us

I had a great time!
Address: House of Mirrors
Qadisiya, Block 9
Street 94, House No 17
Phone Number: 22518522