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Friday, October 4, 2013

Make your own BODY Scrub

Basically- I went into the kitchen... And this is what I found...
1- Olive Oil
2- Sugar
3- Honey
4- Vanilla
5- I got Baby Oil from Mary Ann!!!
From what Mary Ann said, she didn't like the Honey... No problem... I can use that!
I mixed it all together...
I liked the way it smelled... It was a slight sweet SMELL... I loved it!
I put it into the fridge... And then used it in the shower!
With the Winter weather... Skin is getting dry! I love the moisture that was left on my skin after this! I felt soft!
Gustavo loved it! So I guess I win! Yay! Happy dance!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 16: A Jar

Jar- Ummm, Well- I walked in the kitchen it these were the CLOSEST objects I could find to a JAR. That being said... Rice, Pasta and Sugar. I believe that Gustavo and I bought these at IKEA. To be honest- I hated going there with him when we first got to Kuwait. I haven't dared trying to go back with him there yet. LOL.

The Little Leprechaun came from "The Irish Village" in Dubai
When Gustavo and I were in Dubai the first time I took him there and he loved it. So he went back without me but brought back goodies for the house. When you are in there, it is like you are somewhere else... Not in the Middle East. Great spot!