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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drama from the MAMA!

Today has been one of the worst days I have had over here...

What happened to compassion and understanding? Learning your employees?

Sometimes I HONESTLY want to pack up everything and get the HECK outta here! I have to deal with more then the AVERAGE person! On the DAILY. It gets hard when people do not think about cirumstances or situations! I never ask for "SPECIAL" treatment... But the fact that I am BASICALLY a SINGLE Mother in a Foreign Country... Understand that I have things to do! And I will RECORD MY time ACCORDINGLY!

And you are OFF!!!
-Drive Home
-Spend time with the kids...
-Work Out
-Wake up 4-6 times in the day...
-Check the time, email... Sleep
-Wake UP!!!
-Get Dressed
-I have to worry about the CRAZY drivers on the road, those two vehicular cameras on the way to work... (I have to know... Am I going to get a ticket because I am IN the picture? I know I wasn't speeding TWICE and the IDIOT got me flashed!!! How do they know which car it is???)
-Did you remember your badge? Whoa, Yes!
-Is the BUS going to leave you?
-Are you going to be late now?
Then into the office...
-Now, Put on your "I do not give a DARN about anything- EVERYTHING in my life is PEACHY- smile"
"Hi Amber", "Hey Amber", "Glad you are here Amber...."
Sit down at my desk...
I am on TIME!
That is just 1/2 of it!!!
It is difficult to go into work and SPEND 12.45 hours with the same people...

I try to be the same EVERYDAY... and I am trying to be a better person. Most people who remember me generally only use one word.... "CRAZY"!!! I am really attempting... So when I can feel that someone is pissing me off, I try to stay calm... This TASK is difficult... VERY DIFFICULT...

"Think about the kids, Gustavo... The house... Calm down Amber"
I wish I was RICH and didn't have to work. I could just be get pretty... cook... shop... Do whatever I wanted! And MY FAMILY would be all that I had to WORRY about!...

Where is a Genie when you need one?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Where to Begin?

With all stories and all things... There is the beginning!

This is the beginning of 'OUR' story.... We met in Houston. We flew over the Atlantic ocean together and WE fell in LOVE in Dubai. Our love has moved from simple... to REAL. From Country to Country. There is no where else I would rather be then roughing it out with him.

He just had to sit with me:) And I didn't mind

We were being cool wearing Sunglasses on the plane...

I hope that you enjoy reading our blog and our insights!

Countries Traveled so far:
-Sri Lanka*
*- Indicates traveling together.