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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

UGG supports PINK

More Breast Cancer Support!!!
These are so cute!
I am not sure if I would be able to wear the loafers!
 It is getting VERY cold! I know that it may only be in the 70's but I get "Chicken Skin" (AKA Goose Bumps) easily!


What do you think? I wonder will they have these at the UGG store here in Kuwait

Sunday, April 7, 2013


As some of my dearest readers may remember... Gustavo and I built a house. We were COMPLETELY in love with the house and PICKED everything... Long story short, after many missed deadlines and an unsightly tree...

We decided that we no longer wanted the house.
My heart was BROKEN! I had everything shipped and ready to move in...

THEN- We found a second house that honestly, was not everything we wanted... But it was ok. In the end, Gustavo talked me out of that house too! (Thanks Babe!!! Good Call!!!)

I am getting closer to the DIRTY THIRTY and I am feeling the need to SETTLE. I am looking for the 3 S's (Safety, Security, Stability)

One thing that I love about Gustavo is that he is like me as far as adventure, travel and taking the easier but not so traveled road!

We have NO intention of returning to AMERICA. Not to live.

We are setting our sites SOUTH of the border to Central America!

Most people just look at us like we are crazy when we tell them that we are going to Nicaragua; but heck, we are used to those looks!

Here are our main reasons:

1. Low cost of living: 1 USD to 24.40 Nicaragua cordoba

2. Low MURDER rate (13:100,000) Steady for 5 years:)

3. Beautiful weather, cheap medical and a fresh start!



Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stop Staring Clothing Line

One day I was sitting at work and I just started drawing some clothes thinking to myself, "I wonder if I could MAKE my OWN clothes???" I thought it would be super fun... And my clothes would always fit me JUST RIGHT...
Here are the drawings that came to me...
WARNING: I am NOT a professional SKETCH artist... This was just free hand, off the top.
I love the Retro look with the high waists ETC...

Well- I guess I do not have to make any of my own clothes because someone else has already made them...

My ideas always come far too late:(

I love these dresses! But they are a bit pricey for my liking! Maybe a treat for myself every once in awhile. I will buy my first one after I drop 10 pounds.

More to Follow!
-This is how I found this brand!