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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oh Doctor...

We went to the doctor on the 10th to get our prescription... It was EXPENSIVE. 159.500 KD
(565.48 USD)
 I have to take these for 7 days! I must go to the hospital to get these injections.
Gustavo will not be able to give me these injections... Joy oh Joy! I start these tonight. I will provide follow ons!
I am really feeling LOST in the process. My doctor hasn't given me a protocol... Or a timeline. I have been doing this about a month now. Medicine, hysterscopy, WANDA scans, period, More shots... SILENCE... And then more meds and shots.
I talked to another woman and she said that she went to the doctor and got shots in her stomach for 5 days... And Waaaaaaahhhh La... Egg Retrieval and Transfer... Preggo with Twins. (BOYS)
Even with the stuff that I am reading on the Internet... NOTHING matches the meds that I am given! I asked "Will I have a 3 or 5 day transfer?"... And he has the whole "Inshallah" attitude.
I never really get any answers...
(Woosa, whilst pulling upon my ear)
Practice my patience!!!
It is hard being a PLANNER and not being able to PLAN!

On a happier note!!! I get two days off to spend with my LOVELY family!!!
Seems like all of my teacher friends are off on FANTASTIC holidays! Enjoy EID! Have fun!

Friday, September 13, 2013

What a year!!!

I have no excuse to why I haven't written... I have been trying to keep myself together with all the craziness that has happened this year. I will not get into it all, as I would like that to stay PRIVATE and keep a bit of my self image!!!

I can honestly say that 2013 has been the worst year of my life!

I thought that it would have been my BEST year since it is DJ and Mimi's GOLDEN year...
Not the case!

I could probably write a New York Times Best Seller with these 9 months of my life!

Betrayal and lies consumed my year... My 2013...

 I guess at times you are given crazy situations to see how well you handle them. I must say I believe I deserve an OSCAR!!! I controlled myself better than I ever thought I would. I came to work... And most people would never know that my life was FALLING apart.

 I thought that I had friends, friends who loved me and cared about me... But that was not the case. I was merely a person who had expectations of the people that I cared about. I didn't want to see them as they were...  I talked to them about what was going on in my life, my worries and fears. Big Mistake! I felt like I lost myself! Like no one could see me. I saw everyone else having fun and living their lives... Why do I always have to be so responsible?

 Jealousy consumes a lot of people around you. You may not be aware of it. The secrets that you share with your "friends" will be used as ammunition against you!
*** Jealousy is an emotion, and the word typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something of great personal value, particularly in reference to an existing connection. Jealousy often consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, resentment,. ETC***

People will spread rumors... Make false judgments... they will LIE, LIE, LIE on you... BUT Remember... You will learn from this. AND be so much stronger!

I know that I have learned a lot and realize that I am a STRONG woman!!!
Remember when a ship is going down... No one wants to see anyone else get in a life boat!

Things are turning around now!!!

I am happy that my family is back TOGETHER. Gustavo is back from Afghanistan. The kids have returned from their Summer vacation in North Carolina. We are all just adjusting to each other again.

I am so glad that they are back. It makes me happy to know that I have someone on my side when the World is against me.
Our marriage has been VERY hard and I am hoping that compared to this year, we will have SMOOTH SAILING from here on out!

We are building a house (AGAIN) and it should be complete by the end of the year!



Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Tattoos

By looking at me, people would not know that I have any tattoos. I actually like it that way!

I realized that I couldn't see any of the tattoos that I already have... So- When on vacation... I got two!
I didn't think that I was going to have the time, but we had a layover in Dallas...

This tattoo is OUR Wedding date. I really wanted this tattoo. Gustavo also has the same tattoo in the same spot:) Now he will never "FORGET" our anniversary! LOL.
(Wow- I have more freckles then I realized, gotta love FLA)

Now- This is actually a completely sweet and intimate story...

I was looking around and found a verse that I really liked...
"Love Never Fails" 1 Corinthians 13:8 (NIV)
I wrote it down on a sticky note and stuck it on my computer screen...
Fast Forward...

When Gustavo and I got married, the man there asked if we would like to have a scripture read, we said, "YES"
Guess what he read??? You guessed it!
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (ESV)
And his last words were, "Love Never Ends" 
So- I decided to get that as well...  in My own handwriting!
 I know that you cannot tell from the photo... But this is the inner/upper arm...

We went to a place called "Tiger Moon"

The owner (Britt) was so nice to us and even gave us a ride back to the hotel! The taxi NEVER showed! We waitied FOREVER!!! The place was super CLEAN!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Burj Al Arab

Here is the office inside the room... It has a computer and a printer... ETC
We were upgraded to a TWO bedroom suite! OMG- This place was HUGE... I loved it!
When you step out, the butler knows where you went, they clean up ASAP... We had a BUTLER...!!!??? 
WE really loved this hotel~!
Downstairs bathroom
Bar and one of the sitting areas
Another sitting area

The view
Sitting area and Dining Room
Dining Room
Dining Room again
Kitchen.. And another exit
Kitchen... (Not that we used it)
Decor on the table. There were fresh flowers all around the room.

Sitting area

Control your room

This is another way to control your room... And when someone rings the doorbell... Their picture appears on all the TVs and this monitor! Cool huh? And you can just hit a button and the door opens... Why get up?
The Mini Bar... The Bulter during checkout asks what you took from the mini-bar... Gees, I hate being so honest!
Special Edition- We did not open it!
When you first walk in to the Suite.
Up the stairs

Cool... I like this clock projector:)
Vanity in the bedroom
Sitting area in the bedroom
TV in the bedroom...
Sitting area?

Master Bedroom... A TV pops up from behind here... The curtains are automatic too...
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
A mirror over the bed...

The view
Mirror OVER the bed
Hallway behind the bed
Master Closet
More closet space
Master Bath
Sitting area
Tub again
Great stuff!!!

They provide EVERYTHING here!!! And they turn down your bed, give the men a nail buffer and the women get a hand fan... I love it!
My handsome Hubby!
who wears slippers at a 7 STAR hotel??? Gustavo!
Going to get a couple of drinks at the Skyview Lounge
Dancing fountain... I did not take many pictures because there were SO many tourists in the lobby...
To get in, you have to have a reservation for the hotel or the restaurants. I didn't want to look silly taking photos of everything... We didn't even get to the POOL! LOL. We stayed in the room. Staying a place like this... you NEVER have to leave! They have a private beach, you get free access to the Water park and all the Jumeriah hotels in the area...

You order your breakfast and tell them what time to bring it... And they do!

Bye Bye hotel!!!

This was the remote control... It ran EVERYTHING in the room!