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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Out for the count!

Look at the cuties KNOCKED out!!! I run them hard! LOL.
This was the movie night! The movie watch all of us this time! I sleep very light so the TV woke me up... They never catch me! Ha Ha Ha!!! I love to see them sleeping!
Our movie was.... "Animals United" I did not see enough to make a good review though... Sorry :/

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Friday Fun...

 Here are the kids and the Nanny! The Nanny is in YELLOW! LOL. We went to Fahaheel but nothing was open... You must wait until 8-8:30 PM.

 I stopped by to check on Kiki the other day... I have a secret way to make her smile for the camera!!! See- It works!
 She was loving this toy. Shira from Ice Age 4. We went to McDonalds... She just kept talking about this "kitty"
 She is looking at me like that because she loves me:)
This was Kiki reading to Minnie! 

And this is us snuggled in and ready for our movie night...
It took us 3 tries to find a movie that actually worked.
Star Wars: Clone Wars....
I love having Kiki over because when the big kids are off and doing their own thing... I have her:) I think that I will steal her every Friday from now on!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday: The 13th?

I didn't realize that it was Friday the 13th until after the fact... Hmmmm, That only shows how the days blend in together here. At times I hate being off on Friday because NOTHING is open in the morning! I woke up early and full of energy... with NO Where to go.

So- What did I do?. i woke up the kids... Made breakfast... We all got dressed and we ventured out anyways.

We went to Fahaheel and I see that the Al Manshar Mall is being TORN apart! Now where will I be able to get that Chocolate conditioner I love so much??? I can honestly say that there was not much in that mall... But it did have one of the kids' favorite places to go and play!

We ran some errands at the Bazaar... Got some more movies... exchanged the bad ones... Drank a lot of water and than... Back to the coolness of our home.
We were melting!!!
 We watched Ice Age 4. Which may I add: What Super Cute with a BIG C!!!!

Shira was voiced by Jennifer Lopez (Which you can tell without looking it up)

and the every SO grown Peaches was played by Keke Palmer! Great choice.

 Drake played Ethan... That is my crush too:) (Just Kidding)  Or am I?

Nicki Minaj also voiced a small role in the movie as a Mammoth...

And Wanda Sykes, I love her voice for cartoons, played Grandma Sloth!

We all enjoyed the movie.

I went to go meet Gustavo online... Same time EVERYDAY... And see that DJ has made his Yahoo IM in Chinese...Hmmm. How does he do this stuff? I fixed it... When I came back out... This is what I found.


Pizza cured that...

The kids put in Journey 2 but I fell asleep before I could even see The Rock's face... I was super tired!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Gustavo!!!

Gustavo enjoyed his Father's Day! I think that we did all of our favorite things!
*~*~*~*~*~*HAPPY FATHER'S DAY GUSTAVO*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
                                              WE LOVE YOU!!!
Gustavo got a MacBook Pro:) He loves it! The kids made him cards. I made his favorite cake. He also got an iPod touch with an Armband and a couple other lil things!
We went to eat and then to grocery shop:) Followed by our Movie Night.
Our friend KARINA cooked for us on Thursday and it was SO GREAT! He had a LONG Father's Day! From Thursday to Sunday! He is SPOILED!



Friday Night movie was. "Hugo" It was a pretty cute movie. Gustavo fell asleep but the kids and I
made it all the way thru!
Okay- The movie won 5 Oscars! I guess it was more than just a cute movie! LOL.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Movie Night 8 June 2012

We have tried twice to watch Men In Black 3 and EVERY TIME there have only been 3 seats left... As many know- We need 4 seats. We are a family of 4! So the movie of the night was "The Avenger's" I did not make it thru the whole movie nor did anyone else. I woke up HOT, sweaty and because Xena (The Bulldog) snores louder than a over-sized MAN...

I knew that DJ was going to tell me that he had NOT fallen asleep so I snapped a photo as evidence! WHO is the Smartest Mommy now Huh Dj? Ha Ha Ha... ME~! He thought it was so clever that I had photos!