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Monday, September 24, 2012


 Dj got his hair cut... A Mo-Faux- Hawk and a he got it spreayed GOLD! He thought that he was TOO cool!
 Caribou Coffee Chocolate... Yummmm!
 She was so happy to get to put this on! She is generally shy to ask for things, but she asked the shop owner to let her wear it! And he said yes!!!
Isn't that a LOT of gold!? The guy was so nice! He painted her fingernails and also gave her some gemstones! It is all about the kids! Since he treated them so well... He is now my "Gold Go To Guy!" The card I got was in Arabic but... I could read the number... 2391-7060. Blue Nile Jewellery (That was how they spelled it) Co. ......Behnam was floating in the middle of the card- So maybe that was his name!
I think that I will get Dj and Mims a necklace made there.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Distress!!! I received a PURPLE dress!

So- I have a "function" on the 15th. I ordered a beautiful dress and I was so anxious to receive it...
This is the ensamble I was planning to wear:

Much to my dismay, My DRESS IS PURPLE! AND is too SHORT. I am NOT freakishly TALL... I am only 5'9"!!! I have to have a BLUE dress! Doesn't the picture LOOK BLUE? Where is my LONG BLUE DRESS!!!??? So now- I have a week... To find a LONG BLUE evening gown! On top of the fact that I have to work 15 hours a NIGHT... 6 nights a week!
 Dear Dress Fairy-
Please help me find a dress!!!