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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Being Banegas

I wanted to post a couple photos of me and Gustavo on our Honeymoon... I will provide photos of the hotel next and believe me... It was the BEST hotel I have EVER been too! The pictures may not do the place any justice!

 This is the first set of pictures we got together. 
Gustavo and Amber Banegas:)
 In the Lobby
 Breakfast is served!!! (The next morning)
 Looks like he is checking out my RINGS!

 He got me Roses:) That is his hand, Not mine! LMAO
You get a drink when you get to your room... More to follow on those details!
-No NO... It is not a sock in my hair!
 He LOVES the NEWS! They first brought him one in ARABIC!

What a nice CARD! Thank You
  When I was sitting at the bar, I got a rose...
Looking Up
What a surprise! Thanks Baby!!!
 Baby Bells~!
We had a Pre-Bar drink! LOL
Me... Being Happy

I think that I have more pictures, but my computer is acting up! The hotel post is coming!!!