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Friday, October 4, 2013

Make your own BODY Scrub

Basically- I went into the kitchen... And this is what I found...
1- Olive Oil
2- Sugar
3- Honey
4- Vanilla
5- I got Baby Oil from Mary Ann!!!
From what Mary Ann said, she didn't like the Honey... No problem... I can use that!
I mixed it all together...
I liked the way it smelled... It was a slight sweet SMELL... I loved it!
I put it into the fridge... And then used it in the shower!
With the Winter weather... Skin is getting dry! I love the moisture that was left on my skin after this! I felt soft!
Gustavo loved it! So I guess I win! Yay! Happy dance!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Congrats to Mark and Gaby!!!

I am so excited!!! Gustavo's baby sister is E-N-G-A-G-E-D!!!
No date has been set as of yet! But I am SO excited for them!
Here are some photos of the happy couple... And Gaby's ring!