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Monday, September 10, 2012

Allyana is HERE!!!

Reggie and Amber welcomed their sweet babygirl into the World yesterday!

Birthdate: 09-09-12
Weight: 6 lbs. 7 oz.
Length: 20 in
Here is the Lil Angel!!!!

 Doesn't she look like a little Eskimo Baby?
 She is SO SMALL!
 Mary Ann and Allyana!!!
 She was being lazy! Open your eyes Pumpkin!
 "Lady- Leave me alone!!!"
 Amber, Amber and Ally!
 Amber, Amber and Ally AGAIN!
Mommy and Baby!
I went straight from work to see them! I picked up the Nanny and off to the hospital! I made it to the hospital off of my iPhone Map!!! YAY!
Go Amber!
GUSTAVO- You asked me what I want for my Birthday... Can I have one of these? But a BOY!?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJ's Bowling Party Pictures!!!

I got the video and pictures that the Bowling Alley provided:) Pretty Cool! As a small disclaimer though... I got home at 0830... Played with the kids until 1030, Slept and woke up at 1332.. (1:32 PM) The party was at 2:00 PM! I thought that we were going to be late... I threw on whatever was close and then... OUT the door. Next Birthday, I will be ready to be photographed! LOL.
All in all DJ had a great time and that is all that matters. His birthday toys keep coming! Thank you to everyone who came out, for everyone who bought him gifts and the Warm Birthday Wishes! We really appreciate it! You know that OUR CUBS/Baby Bears mean the World to US!!!
Gustavo & Amber
 The Bowling Lanes! Happy Birthday DJ!
 The Cake!
 Space Bowling Balls!
 My Angels!!!
 Me and My Babies!
 In Action
 CJ and DJ!
 Dj and Mimi!
 Dj, CJ and Mims!
 Focus Focus!!!
 Mary Ann looking SO professional! LOL
 DJ bowling!
 We are singing!!! Happy Birthday DJ!!!
 Me, Dj, Mimi, Kiki and Karina
 Yum Yum...

 This is me... After only 4 hours of sleep... And I SUCK at bowling!
 Mrs. Jackson

Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 28: Trees

SRI LANKA- We were so high up that our ears were popping! Do you see the Waterfall?

There is a BIG CAT in the tree... This was in Yala National Park.

Day 27: Transportation

Gustavo and I bought this Audi when we first got here. I must say- It is a pretty good car. This is our current mode of transportation.
Mims is looking extra special here! But there is our car. My baby. My first car:) I call her a Hoop-TEE but I do not mean it. I hardly ever get to drive my car and I miss it. The kids call it the Crazy car... The race car... Anytime they see one similar here in Kuwait they point it out.

Day 23- LoVe

 This picture got me through some hard times when I first got over here. I was stressed but looking at this made life a bit easier!
 Domiyana loves her Daddy!!! TOO MUCH! She is always connected to him and absorbing all his love.
When I see them... I see love! She will DEE-BOW you to get to him!

This is my Hunny Bun as he calls me! His favorite treat is a Hunny Bun so it is a great compliment. Also- My Dj is going to be in a Karate Tourament in Salmiya this Friday! I am so excited that he was picked! I will be taking a LOT of photos!

I bake for my LOVES:) They have been asking for Brownies... I will do it tomorrow!

Day 22: Black and White

I took some of my favorite pictures of myself and played with em a bit to make them B&W. Plus- I took a couple of my cousins B&W pics that were on my computer. I do not have the Mac so I do not have many pictures here... But I did with what I have. Generally I will attach all the photos to a draft entry and then complete my entry at a later time. But when the internet is not working at home- It is more difficult. Bear with me people!

This was me after a flight! Last year:)
This was me when I was in Kuwait before. Back in 2005:) I think I look the same!

This was a picture that Tina sent to me of my water babygirl!
Here is my water babyboy too! They are great swimmers now! I got to find them a pool SOON!
Here is me and Mi Suave. We do not take as many photos as we should. Him and the kids are my favorite photo subjects:) It is hard to get in front of the camera when you are always behind it:)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 20: H20 (Water)

This is a fountain on our dresser.

I love the water.

Hearing it through the night is very soothing to me.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Day 10: Animal(s)

These two are Thunder and Dora... Dubbed by the children:) They are always singing and making noise. I have tamed them up pretty good but I must admit that I hardly play with them as much as I used to.

 Aren't they so cute? They look like lil love birds.
 This was Xena when I was leaving to work. Doesn't she look like a Champion?
We also have fish. A house full of animals... We love it though!