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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Olly Murs - Dance With Me Tonight

I heard this song on my way home this morning... I loved it. I felt happy and started dancing! That is a good feeling after a 14 hour day! This song is soulfulllll and it has a 50's type American Band Stand sound. Like I was going to bust out dancing the Mashed Potatoe or something!

I see that I am a YEAR late on the song... But What can do? I am slow to great things! I had to Google him...

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Breakfast Club

I couldn't sleep last night. So I woke up the kids SUPER early and we went to eat with ______ (She is mysterious and shy) She took us to this place in Fintas. It is located behind the Tala Towers.
There is a cute little place to eat outside.
This is Mimi looking so pretty:)                                            Here is Dj talking to "_____" about WWE!

Salt and Pepper shakers! I like them because they are different.
The menu. Everything was simple ans clean
 This is a cool deco idea~And the glasses curve into eachother

Dj's waffles... With Ice Cream 
Mims had Eggs Benedict
I am simple... Scambled Eggs w/turkey and Mushrooms

These are "______" crepes. She TORE them up!

This is how you get the bill... In a lil cast iron pan:)
I liked the backsplash!!!
We liked this place... We will be going again!