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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Funny LV Story… Not really

Have you ever felt like a complete IDIOT? Here is my story. SMH

I have been going to a lot of functions with the kids lately and I keep noticing that other "MOTHERS" have my LV Neverfull… Not shocking as it is a Classic bag but it does make you wonder… "Do people think that my bag is FAUX?" 

I was Christmas shopping with the kids at The Avenues and my husband showed up and said, "Let's go to the Louis store." I said… "NO, That is a super long walk and I do not need anything from there…"

Well… I saw a bag and it was calling me. "Amber, You need me. Just hold me…" I picked up the bag and OMG… It was PERFECTION!

I asked the lady how much it was and she told me… No biggie. It wasn't much… WAIT, HUH… I look at my Bank account and my eyes crossed… HOLY CRAP! She was talking KD… NOT USD!!!!
 Clearly going to America for a couple weeks MESSED up my whole "Currency" calculator! 

I called my husband because I felt guilty… Maybe it was buyer's remorse… I do not know… He said… You are not taking it back… (GAWD- I love this man)

So- Here is my Christmas gift… And maybe New Years, Valentine's, St. Patty, Easter, Mother's Day… Maybe all my 2014 holidays… LOL. I am going to PURSE REHAB! I know a couple of Kuwait bloggers that should join me… I won't call ya out though!!! The first step is recognizing the problem. :)
Here is: 
Ascot Damier Banegas!!!

The little coin purse came with the wallet… I really thought that  I was getting a deal! 

This purse is AWESOME though! It is BIG and has 3 separate sections! I love love love it! 
You are going to be seeing a lot more of this baby!

Merry Christmas Kuwait 2013

This is the 3rd Christmas that we have had here in Kuwait! I must say that I think that this one was the best! I love my family so much! I hope that y'all have a great Holiday as well!!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

CH Pink

All the times I have been at The Avenues.... And I have FAILED to see this BEAUTIFUL Creation!
 I do not know if I am a SUCKER... But Anytime I see something with the Breast Cancer Ribbon... I buy it!
The BOTTLE is so nice! I love it! CH makes GREAT perfume, so I am sure this one will be NO less then perfect!
 I have NOT smelled this perfume yet, but I will this weekend! I will report back my findings! (I was NOT able to find this LIMITED EDITION anywhere!)
"Wish aims to bring the concepts of love, hope and solidarity into an inspired product to help the fight against breast cancer."
  • olfactive notes

    Top Note
    Fruity and citric notes for a young carefree touch. Bergamot from Calabria, Lemon)

    Middle Note
    Warm and elegant (Bulgarian rose, Jasmine sambac, Orange blossom, Praliné, Cinnamon)

    Base Note
    Softer notes, warm interiors (Sandalwood, cedarwood, Cashmere, Patchouli, Amber notes, Transparent musk)


    Friday, October 4, 2013

    Make your own BODY Scrub

    Basically- I went into the kitchen... And this is what I found...
    1- Olive Oil
    2- Sugar
    3- Honey
    4- Vanilla
    5- I got Baby Oil from Mary Ann!!!
    From what Mary Ann said, she didn't like the Honey... No problem... I can use that!
    I mixed it all together...
    I liked the way it smelled... It was a slight sweet SMELL... I loved it!
    I put it into the fridge... And then used it in the shower!
    With the Winter weather... Skin is getting dry! I love the moisture that was left on my skin after this! I felt soft!
    Gustavo loved it! So I guess I win! Yay! Happy dance!

    Thursday, October 3, 2013

    Kuwait Towers

    I am almost embarrassed to say that FINALLY after 2 1/2 years, I have made it to the Kuwait Towers!
    I know it was closed... But that doesn't mean we should take the kids to see them and RUN around a bit!
     It was VERY windy!
     It looks like I am hurting Mims... But I wasn't!

     DANG! You see how TALL DJ is already! He makes my 5' 9' look like 5' 2"!!!

     I love this man! 
     DJ is always SO creative!
     Run baby Run!
     These Bunny ears! Photo bombing EVERY photo!
     Happy to be at Ruby Tuesdays!
     Love our lil lady!
     I am the NEXT 007 Girl! LOL
     Smiles all around the table!
     She loves her Bubba
     This is a classic!
     We just had appetizers and split a desert!
     Running around 
     My Fam
    Just some pictures of the Kuwait Towers 


    She was RUNNING all over the place!  

    They always want the SPECIAL drinks!  

    The city was lit up! This picture gives it NO justice!  
     Getting more sugar from my Hubzy!

     At the park

     Gustavo Mi Amor Amber
     Walking on to the BEACH... The water was WAY out!
     She was getting sea shells and I found a hermit crab!

     I think this says... Mom was MOTHER... DJ Art!
     Here is a nice shot!


    Below you will see how we ended up with a CAT! Now, If you are a parent, you already know that kids NEVER forget when you make a promise or a deal with them.
    Daddy made a deal with Domiyana... "If you start reading, you can get a KITTEN"

     STEP 1: Tell Daddy you have to tell him something... 
     STEP 2: "Don't say anything"
     STEP 3: Remind Daddy about the deal
     (NOTE: Dad's expression)
     STEP 4: She already knows she won! See their faces?

    RESULT: Domiyana: 1 DAD: 0
     Meet Naruto!
    DJ had a moment at the Friday Market. He started crying seeing how the animals were treated. It is a sad sight to see starving dogs. I told him that at least we saved ONE animal. I love that he has such a Golden Heart!
     Dj playing with the kitten!
     Welcome Home
     Isn't he cute?
     COMPLETELY Spoiled! The cat thinks he is a BIRD!

     Always sleeping!
    Knocked out! 
    This cat is SERIOUSLY spoiled! I really never thought too much about having a cat... But actually... It isn't too bad! They are easily potty trained! We have not had ANY accidents.
    He wants to be held all the time and Mims treats it like a BABY! It is fitting in PERFECTLY.
    THe cat got the name NARUTO because on the stripes on his face!