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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kuwaiti Crackdown!

‘22,000 Indians among 95,000 illegals still living in Kuwait’ 5,000 expats arrested in recent campaigns: report
KUWAIT CITY, June 16: About 5,000 individuals from various nationalities have been arrested in various areas across the six governorates for violating residency law during recent intensive campaigns against residency violators, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Official statistics of the Ministry of Interior indicate that more than 95,000 violators of residency law are far from the grip of security operatives.

The General Immigration Department has also stated that the majority of violators belong to 10 different nationalities, and 39,000 domestic workers are among them.

Meanwhile, security sources wondered the essence of searching for violators in the streets, while visa traders are still busy with their activities. They suggested that the Ministries of Interior and Social Affairs and Labor must intensify efforts to hold the traders accountable and also identify the illusory companies.
According to official statistics, Bangladeshis are placed in the first position among the category of residency violators, indicating 24,000 of them have no valid papers. It added that Indians cover the second place with 22,000 violators, and then Sri Lankan and Indonesia with 15,000 and 8,000 violators covering the 3rd and 4th positions respectively, whereas Egyptians take the 5th place for residency and labor law violations with 8,000 violators.

Also the Filipino community occupies sixth place with 7,000 violators, while Pakistanis take the seventh place with 4,000 violators. Nepal has 3,000 violators covering the eighth place, followed by Syrians with 3,000 and Ethiopians with 800 violators taking the ninth and tenth positions respectively.

Now everything is starting to make sense.

Gustavo and I were on the way to work and there was a Check point very close to our house. I have never seen one this close to us before.

Unlike many Americans who are housed in Compnay provided housing, We live in an area where there are not many Americans.

I have seen check points in Mangaf, Fintas, Mahboula and Fahaheel. I guess they really are starting to crack down on illegals in the country!

Could you imagine if America was to do this? I bet the numbers would be STAGGERING!

Monday, May 7, 2012


Gustavo and I were exploring different options for the next visa run. The only dates available are RIGHT before Ramadan... So- Bahrain it will be! It is a short flight, no layovers and I am sure as long as there is a pool the kids will be happy.
When I first got with Gustavo I told him of a dream that I had... I dreamt that I was in a Spanish speaking country and that I worked at an orphanage. Perhaps that was me getting my calling... I do not know. I only know that my passion is to help people. Gustavo sent me this link and it only re-confirmed how beautiful his soul is:
This would be a great vacation idea! And it is giving back! I know that we will do this trip! Sooner or Later!
Seeing these sides of my partner only deepen the love and respect that I have for him. Noble and Humble... were just added to his list of great attributes.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Plans are in progress for a Mini-vacation to Dubai. Gustavo, DJ, Mimi, Kiki and I are leaving on the 1st of May. I am super excited. Everytime we go to Dubai there is something new and exciting. We are going to be staying at the Atlantis the Palm Resort.
I have had some troubles booking but I think that we are past that and I am ready for a great vacation! Everyone who knows me... Knows that I am a GREAT Planner. Our Sri Lankan vacation didn't go as planned but I am hoping that this one will! Gustavo and I have made Bucket Lists. Little by little we will knock destinations off. One great thing about the kids being on a visitor visa is that we are required to leave the country every 90 days. Pictures will be posted! Stay tuned