Sunday, July 22, 2012

Misty's Cupcake

My sister baked some cupcakes that looked SUPER yummy so I decided to try them out!

She failed to mention how STICKY the frosting would be! LOL. And I forgot the chocolate chips :( But all in all... they were GREATNESS!!!

Banana Split Cupcakes!!!

I made this one for Gustavo... It has a heart...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Friday: The 13th?

I didn't realize that it was Friday the 13th until after the fact... Hmmmm, That only shows how the days blend in together here. At times I hate being off on Friday because NOTHING is open in the morning! I woke up early and full of energy... with NO Where to go.

So- What did I do?. i woke up the kids... Made breakfast... We all got dressed and we ventured out anyways.

We went to Fahaheel and I see that the Al Manshar Mall is being TORN apart! Now where will I be able to get that Chocolate conditioner I love so much??? I can honestly say that there was not much in that mall... But it did have one of the kids' favorite places to go and play!

We ran some errands at the Bazaar... Got some more movies... exchanged the bad ones... Drank a lot of water and than... Back to the coolness of our home.
We were melting!!!
 We watched Ice Age 4. Which may I add: What Super Cute with a BIG C!!!!

Shira was voiced by Jennifer Lopez (Which you can tell without looking it up)

and the every SO grown Peaches was played by Keke Palmer! Great choice.

 Drake played Ethan... That is my crush too:) (Just Kidding)  Or am I?

Nicki Minaj also voiced a small role in the movie as a Mammoth...

And Wanda Sykes, I love her voice for cartoons, played Grandma Sloth!

We all enjoyed the movie.

I went to go meet Gustavo online... Same time EVERYDAY... And see that DJ has made his Yahoo IM in Chinese...Hmmm. How does he do this stuff? I fixed it... When I came back out... This is what I found.


Pizza cured that...

The kids put in Journey 2 but I fell asleep before I could even see The Rock's face... I was super tired!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Looking for something great to do in Bahrain with the cubs... I am thinking about going to these areas. I plan to be on the Resort most of the time though... 3 1/2 days... I think this is enough! :) Pictures to follow after! Manama Manana Mama!!!

This is where we will be staying:

Novotel Al Dana Resort 

Lost Paradise of  Dirlmun

Wahoo Water Park

Bahrain Fort

Al Dar Islands

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Friday

I never thought that I would be able to say that I spent my whole day at the mall... But...Me and the Baby Bears were at Avenues ALL day yesterday!!!
First things first... Get the tickets for "The Amazing Spiderman" 1630 is SOLD OUT... So 1900 it is!!!

We had to get the Birth Certificates for our Baby Bears!
Then we took some pictures for Daddy! The kids played at "Baroue" I was shocked that it was TWO stories! I guess it is HIDDEN... Not the normal Mall Play Place. I liked it!
This is a HARD Car racing game!!! They did win 1st place on Mario Kart though:)

We shared some ice cream!
Mimi said it was the best lunch she EVER had.

It is strange it is like there is some radio frequency that is shot out and everyone goes to the same place. It was crowded when we got there, but after we ordered... It was quiet.
The kids and I ended up sitting at the same place that Gustavo and I sat at our first time there :(

The kids got 'The Shack Burger' and I got the double. Fries...
This was the design on the table. The kids thought it was cool. They asked me to take a picture so we can remember! LOL
Princess Mimi
Our Knight DJ

This was a shot from where we were sitting.
Movie Time!!!

I actually fell asleep. I hardly slept that morning after work... (CON of working Night shift) From what I remember the movie was GREAT! The kids thought so.

We got home... Ordered Pizza and then watched a movie. The kids knocked out pretty fast!

Here is ONE reason why I love having a Little Girl!
She wears my shoes, just because:)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fat Fat

I was in the mirror looking at myself thinking, "Wow Amber, You are looking good! You look like you are losing weight" I decided to get on the scale... Thought it was a fluke... So tried again... Same result... Hmmm....

Since My Beau has been gone I have gained 10 lbs! How is this possible? I hardly eat... I stopped drinking soda??? What can do?

I told Gustavo that either I would be thin as a rail... Or Fat as a Cow when he got back... This will be the result if I am the latter of the two!

Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Talk about motivatation!!!
A friend did this when I was in Iraq! The App is called "Fat Booth"
"Get in my Belly!"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Princess Domiyana Cake!

Today I decided to make a Princess Cake for Princess Domiyana. She has been being a very good girl and I decided to make her Daddy's favorite cake… But with a Princess Twist!
Okay- You have to make the Oreo Cream for the middle!
First- Philly Cream Cheese. (I used the whipped one!)
 Strawberry Cream Oreos (12 ea)

Mix the Philly Cheese and Oreos into the Whip.
 Dj, Mimi and Mary 
 This is for the cake. I split the better into both of these.
 This helped thicken my whip
 This time in English!
 This is the cake and frosting
(Yes, We have 'Betty Crocker' in Kuwait)
 Mix it alllllll up
 DJ prepping the cake mix
 Licking the spoons! Their favorite part (The Oreo Cream)
 Mix Mix Mix
 My lil helping Princess… Washing dishes
 Add a couple drops of red food color
 I think this is how Mimsi learned what colors mixed together made what...
 Mix Mimi Mix
 The kids like to see the different little swirls
 Maybe I can make a marble looking cake this way...

 Xena felt left out. She was scratching on the kitchen door. LOL
(She has Cherry eye, yes, it is normal in her breed… No, It doesn't bother her and lastly, yes, We are getting it fixed when the vet returns.)
 Up close! Cute pink huh?
 Never go wrong… Put it on 180 (C)
 Since the cake is so thin, I check in 15 minutes… Then watch it like a hawk. 
(Generally it takes it 5-10 minutes more)
 Put the Oreo cream in the middle

 I made her Pink frosting too:)
 I always take off my ring when I cook… So far this has been the best place I have found to hold it.
(Banana hanger)
 After I frosted it
 I put the remaining cream on top and then added cookies since the Princess told me that flowers have 8 petals… She got 8 petals!
 This is a side shot
 Close up!
The End!

There is a story to this little spice rack… I paid 7 K.D. which is CRAZY… But I filled it with spices that I bought at Lulu's. They come in these baggies… I think that my counter space looks much better. Gustavo would be so proud to see this:) He thinks that I am an "OUT of the BOX" cook… Truth is, He cooked all the time so I just didn't cook… Doesn't mean that I can't.  
And guess what I FINALLY did after a whole year here…??? I bought salt and pepper shakers:)

Movie Night Movie: Underworld: Awakening. Mim's Pick
It is hard to keep track of who's turn it is to pick.