Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Babies in Bahrain

On the plane...
It is a real dolphin!!

I am not too sure what this is! LOL
Playing on the Beach
Playing on the beach AGAIN
Bury Sissy!
Kiki said- I am outta here!
In the Water!
Blurry- But I see Karina's feet and Mims 's body!
They like the bubbles!
Walking from the Beach
At breakfast!
Swim Swim Swim
More of the Water babies!
Loving it!
O the decisions!

The kids enjoyed themselves. When they came back they said everything was "THE BEST"

I really love the Novotel... That is why I booked it again! They were wore out when they got home! Lil RED cheeks and ALL! I missed them! But they had fun and for the most part- They were good for Karina! That is the good thing!

Before and After Flat Pics



My first flower design!!!

The kids and the Nanny did the sand here... The personal touches mean a LOT! One each!


The furniture stayed in the same spot because of the CABLE... It looks much bigger in the living room though. I think that it was a good change and it happened with small pieces. I went crazy in IKEA! I cannot wait to decorate our house in America! With Gustavo and I on the same team, I know our house will be LOVELY!
Which is better? Before or After?

Saturday, October 6, 2012

5K-Breast Cancer Awareness Camp Arifjan, Kuwait

I got off work then went to bed for 2 1/2 hours… Then I took the fam to IKEA… ( I am re-vamping the Flat, pictures to follow) after we got back we did a couple lil projects and before I knew it… The time was upon me to get to the event… You saw the part where I said I only got 2.5 hours of sleep right? I really didn't think that I was going to make it!

October is my favorite month! Not only was I born in October… But Breast Cancer Awareness Month is in October… Anyone who has ever been in the grocery store with me or has seen my desk can vouch that I support the cause!

I took part in something that is SO much bigger then just one or two people! It was amazing how many people showed up to also showed their support! I swear there were 300+ people there!

I still cannot believe I made it! I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to, but if I receive some from other people… I will add them:)
 Here are some Links I found!



Here are some pics that I took!

 Karina Looking TOO happy (The Mother of Kiki and my BFF) 

 Monique and Karina

 Here I am!!!

 The board for Latonya Wilson!
 I was trying to get the lady in the backwards hat! She was an awesome lady!
 We are getting our numbers!!! Monique CHEESING!
 My number was '6'
 Latonya with her board… This was before everything started, I am sure she had a lot more!
 They were doing ZUMBA on the field to warm up! It looked like so much fun!!!

 This was most of us… I put my camera away early though...
 This is Greg… He was super funny and another volunteer… He kept the times. I think that I can find my time… (More to follow!)

 I almost blinded him with my flash!

I got this lil goodie bag… Isn't it so cute? They had shirts… But I guess I didn't know about them until it was too late!
Some of the stuff that came in my Breast Cancer Awareness Goodie Bag!

 Princess Mims wearing my number! Sometimes she is so cute! She does that kind of stuff on her own!
(I did her hair SO CUTE!)

I wanted to also add some of the pictures that I FINALLY got from a going away event…
(L-R: Michelle, Tamiko, Karina, ME, Kathy, and Monet)
 Same order… But with our caplets on.
 I was glad that I was able to find a dress! And everyone looked so nice that night!
My Darlings from down stairs did my Make Up! 
Thanks MaNor and Latoof!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aqua Massage

(Be advised: The machine closes COMPLETELY around you!)
 The Nanny and I were at Lulu's shopping and on the way out... I stopped at this Aqua massage set up....
 I really wanted to see what it was like... Since my Nanny is probably the most SOPILED Nanny in Kuwait, She went too.
 It really felt GREAT! They told me how to change the water pressure and area... But instead, I just let it go the way it was set. I think that it was 3KD for 10 minutes. It really felt like 1000 Lil Chinese hands were massaging me... Choppy style.
Maryann is in there...