Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tour De La Texas

What to do and where to go in Texas???

Good Question:)

I loved most of Texas... The weather is a bit tricky there this time of year... Sometimes it was nice and warm... And then... It was cold.

Here was where we traveled:
1. Killeen
2. Belton/Temple
3. Austin
4. Round Rock
5. Houston
6. Dallas

It was very strange driving in TEXAS...
In Kuwait Flashing lights means, "Get the *$%&*#( * OUTTA the WAY! In Texas it means, "It's clear, Come on over and get in front of me!"
In Texas EVERYONE that you pass waves... No matter what side of the road they are on...
In Texas the drivers move to the shoulder so you can get past them... Awh- The land of NICE!
It wasn't a dream, or was it...? Guess who got pulled over? And not for speeding... But for FOLLOWING TOO CLOSELY... Me. Yes, Sweet Amber! No ticket though! YES!!!

I loved Austin and the Round Rock Outlets:) Shopping!!!
We had some great BBQ...
We ate Honduran food:)
We went to our first NBA game which was outstanding!
See Below... More to follow as usual

 BBQ place in Belton... YUM YUM YUM!!!
Schoepf's BBQ
702 E. Central Ave
Belton, TX
 Mimster's toes
 Cute lil town we saw on the way to Houston
 On the way to Houston

 At the basketball game
 At the game:)
 He fell asleep at the game... SMH
 Another cute town... I think that it was Temple or Belton... I am not too sure... They all blended together to me 
 JACKKKKKKKK... Slicky!!! They had on their Old Man hats

 The closest sign we have seen to "DOMIYANA"
 We were at: "The Domain"

 I used SIRI to surprise Gustavo with some Honduran food!

This place was so yummy!!! 
If you are ever in Houston...
5945 Bellaire Blvd
Houston, TX 77081
(713) 668-5002
"Plato Tipico"... Order that!!!

Our flight got cancelled due to maintenance... So- we got stuck in Dallas for a night.
That story will come later...

So Happy to be in Kuwait!!!

I am so glad to be back home. I know that statement may be weird to some people... But I have made Kuwait home for our family and it is where I feel at ease! Do not get me wrong... America was great... But I was tired of hopping hotels... cities... ETC. So we are back... And photos to follow!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Vacay Planning

We have a couple of things planned out for our vacation!

Heck- We haven't been to America in a YEAR!!!

Sadly- We pulled out of the house we were building for several reasons... But as always... we prevail!

FIRST: Make a HUGE surprise for Gustavo!!! ANd make his ARRIVAL special!
---Pictures to Follow!!! I will let you know how I did!

The second HUGE thing I have planned for us is... Go to the MIA vs HOU NBA game! I know that it will be great fun! I have never been to one before! I have been thinking about my outfit... Just in case me and Mi Suave get put on the kissing Cam!!! MUAH MUAH MUAH... Look out for us! The kids will be there too! And I hope they love it! I will be putting my camera to use whilst on vacation!

THREE: I finally just watched the trailer for Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II... I am about to purchase tickets on FANDANGO
-Yes- We will be watching that when we are home! The kids and I are excited but I am sure Gustavo will fall asleep. He never gets into these types of movies and though I may have got him to watch bits and pieces of the previous movies- It wasn't enough to follow the storyline: See below

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

Zay, Shay and Mims!
Mimsi! Future Gators Cheerleader! That's Right!!!

My babies won the costume contests:)
Whoop Whoop!
Dj posing!

Strike a pose!
Karina and The HULK!
 DJ, Mims and CJ

Mary Ann and the kiddies!

There were so many kids out! I was excited to see so many kids! Now- If I could only make friends with the Mama's life over here would be kinda normal! 

Thanks to all for putting this together for the families out here!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME

I am so blessed to have so much love around me... I didn't even know it was there! On Saturday, I was feeling kinda down... But Karina had a couple tricks up her sleeve! I do NOT like surprises... I told her all I wanted was for her to cook for me. She THROWS DOWN in the kitchen!!! So- I am laid up at her apartment, watching HOUSE and all of a sudden... My SiSTARs start showing up!!! What is this?

She got me!!!

 Letting Kiki lick off my candles!
 Ms. Kathy was taking a picture the same time Mary Ann was! Me and my Babies!

My YUMMY CAKE!!! Thank You!

Home Sweet Home! 
After a long night at work, I came home to find this:
 Ms. Mary Ann baked me a cake! She said it was her first one!

 My Family!
 Mimsi wrote this!
Me and the Kiddies! I love them SO MUCH!

It wasn't over yet!!!
Go to meet Mrs. West-She didn't want to tell me where we were going either!
Massage!!! OMG- This lady was GREAT! I was taking mental notes!
My nails... I like doing something different when I go to the salon... I usually do my own nails:) I am pretty good at it too!

 So fly... Matching names and matching shoes! How you doing? She always gets me AFTER work!
 My toes
 And my finger nails! Gustavo said I am always taking a picture on my RING!
This is LYNN... She is really sweet and had me for the whole day! THANK YOU
Me and Amber in the massage room... It was DARK in there!

Inside the Salon
Another display
Angel Princess Ally!!! She is such a cutie! I steal her as much as Amber and Reggie allow!
Amber ordered in for us! WASABI- That chicken was ON POINT!

I slept with the kids for about an hour and then... TIME FOR WORK!!!
Drizzlette Got me this:) Thank You so much!!!
 I actually sat in front of this without knowing it was there:) What a surprise!
The office knows I am all about getting healthy so they got Subway! Sweet! The Conference Room was decorated with White and Red balloons. I wish I would have gotten more pictures but basically everyone had their badges on... So I didn't wanna get into any trouble.. :(
Shout Out to Shinita (FLA) for the cupcakes! Chocolate Bar is great!

Tonya and Chandrine (She is another FLA girl!)
Here is Drice and myself... Mike took this picture, he does not know how to use APPLE products hence the poor quality of the photo!
I got a box in the mail with this necklace! I was so excited! Thank You Gustavo!
And he also sent a necklace for Mimsi!

Thank You Dini, Sai, Jayla, Wiley, Tina, Mark and Sanaa for the HB videos.
And My Sister for texting:) It is nice to know that someone remembered:)
To Gabba Gabba & Mama Maria- Thank You for the "Feliz CumpleaƱos" emails!
I think that I remembered everyone:)
Lots of Love!!! Amber