Sunday, December 23, 2012

Easy At Home Holiday Nails

In my office I have a drawer full of nail polish... I try to save money in the smallest ways... So- instead of paying to get my nails done, I do them myself.

There is a lady named ANA (She works in the mailroom) who is always complimenting my fingernails and asking me, "How did you do that?" So- I took some pictures!

 I bought these at WAL MART... They come together in a group of 3!
Kiss Gradation Polishes

 Here are my bare nails...
Step 1: The base color... Paint your whole finger nail... Like normal. I only put one coat...

Step 2: This is how much paint you should put on your brush. Basically, Dip the brush, remove the excess from both sides and then pick up only a dab at the end of the brush.
 Only paint the tips of your nails with this color. See below:
Step 3: Take the glitter color and paint the top 3/4 of your nails.
Now put on a clear coat... Dry and Let's go!
Results Below!
Easy huh?

I always get compliments on my nails! People think that they are fake, but they are real!
So are my eyes and my hair too! LOL. It used to bother me when people would ask if I had in extensions and/or contacts but now I realize, Maybe that is a compliment!

*On the directions it says to got 3/4 the way down with the second color and only glitter on the tips... Well- You know I have to be different, so I put switched it up! But there are two options that you can use:)

Here is something similar in PINK!
Even my husband thought that these were fake/ Done in the salon:)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pinup Girl Clothing

I do not know if Kuwait Culture has changed me... Or if I am just growing up... But when I was on vacation in AMERICA... I was SHOCKED and AMAZED by what I saw the women wearing! What happened to respecting yourself? I guess I am more reserved now-a-days!

I love to look classy... Edgy... Hollywood Glam... DIFFERENT
I found another website with some very nice vintage style clothing... And it is cheaper then the 'STOP STARING' brand.

AND THEY HAVE SHOES that are my size!!! I am in LOVE.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Village: Smash Burger

On Friday Mornings I generally take the kids to breakfast.
Last Friday Dj saw a sign for Smash Burger and got excited so I told him that we would go.
We are on the search for the BEST BURGER in Kuwait!
I told the kids if they finished their school buy 1430 (2:30 PM) that I would take them to SMASH BURGER today! You better believe they finished! LOL
  Here is Dj... Call 112- He KILLED the SMASH BURGER! (That is what he said)
Princess Domiyana... She stuns me all of the time with her ability to MATCH! She has a fashion sense already! She is such a lil Diva she told me that she couldn't wear the dress I picked for her because she "already wore it before"
Dj, Mary Ann and Mimster! They love her so much! And she SPOILS them!
So this is "The American" with regular french fries
"The Classic" is just like it, but has lettuce, tomatoe and onion.
I must say... It was good. I really liked the bun. People generally look at my strange because I discard the bun most of the time... I just leave places for my fingers to hold my food! LOL.
I have been trying to watch HOW much I eat, so I only ate half of my food. BUT I wanted to EAT it up!!!
 The menu... When I took this picture, the lady actually gave me a menu to keep:) Thanks! Fotos to follow!
 This is how much it costs for the 4 of us to eat... Now- As you look at this receipt you may think, "That is not bad at all..." In USD... $48.28 (Clearing throat)
 I really like this place... It is FULL of great places to eat... I saw Italian, Mexican... ETC. I went there for Shinita's birthday (Friday Night) as well and it was PACKED full! Photos to follow as well!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Banegas Family by Fatima

There is a little girl down stairs... named FATIMA. She is completely sweet! She always comes upstairs to play with the kids and always gives me so much sugar!

Her parents actually let me take her places... And her older sisters take Mims out. (MIMI disclaimer: When Daddy is home, she doesn't like to leave the house but she did finally get the courage to go... ) They went to the Hello Kitty restrurant. (I may have to go see what that place is all about!)

Fatima LOVES my cupcakes! She is always asking for them and when she makes some, she brings them up! I wish I had more time because I would bake more!

Her and Mims fight like sisters... Fatima likes regular girl stuff while Mimi finds her brothers' toys far more amusing.

I walked into Mimi's room and saw this:
They call me "MAYA"... Though I am not too sure why... They have just recently started calling me "AMBER" She spelled it "MIY" LOL...
You see that she added herself to our family...
It made me laugh because she doesn't know Gustavo's name... So at first she had a question mark... then turned it into a heart!

She is so freaking cute, right?!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

New Tattoos

By looking at me, people would not know that I have any tattoos. I actually like it that way!

I realized that I couldn't see any of the tattoos that I already have... So- When on vacation... I got two!
I didn't think that I was going to have the time, but we had a layover in Dallas...

This tattoo is OUR Wedding date. I really wanted this tattoo. Gustavo also has the same tattoo in the same spot:) Now he will never "FORGET" our anniversary! LOL.
(Wow- I have more freckles then I realized, gotta love FLA)

Now- This is actually a completely sweet and intimate story...

I was looking around and found a verse that I really liked...
"Love Never Fails" 1 Corinthians 13:8 (NIV)
I wrote it down on a sticky note and stuck it on my computer screen...
Fast Forward...

When Gustavo and I got married, the man there asked if we would like to have a scripture read, we said, "YES"
Guess what he read??? You guessed it!
1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (ESV)
And his last words were, "Love Never Ends" 
So- I decided to get that as well...  in My own handwriting!
 I know that you cannot tell from the photo... But this is the inner/upper arm...

We went to a place called "Tiger Moon"

The owner (Britt) was so nice to us and even gave us a ride back to the hotel! The taxi NEVER showed! We waitied FOREVER!!! The place was super CLEAN!

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I have a "thing" about having a calendar.

I have to have one! I color on it, draw on it, make notes, bill remainders, birthdays, Off days, Mark off days, goals... Pretty much EVERYTHING goes on my calendar... If I am not at work, check my calendar... where I am will be there! I even mark when the co-workers I like will return from vacation:)
This year, I ordered my calendar instead of getting it from the PX.
Having a calendar gives me some source of... Organization and sanity.. I think that is the best way to describe it. Best believe I will not forget a birthday!

Do you know about TokiDoki???
Check out my cute calendar pick for 2013~

Stop Staring Clothing Line

One day I was sitting at work and I just started drawing some clothes thinking to myself, "I wonder if I could MAKE my OWN clothes???" I thought it would be super fun... And my clothes would always fit me JUST RIGHT...
Here are the drawings that came to me...
WARNING: I am NOT a professional SKETCH artist... This was just free hand, off the top.
I love the Retro look with the high waists ETC...

Well- I guess I do not have to make any of my own clothes because someone else has already made them...

My ideas always come far too late:(

I love these dresses! But they are a bit pricey for my liking! Maybe a treat for myself every once in awhile. I will buy my first one after I drop 10 pounds.

More to Follow!
-This is how I found this brand!