Friday, January 4, 2013

Magic Planet

For people who say there is nothing to do it Kuwait... I beg to differ.
I have taken the kids to a log of the carnival/play places... I must say- I really liked Magic Planet. It is my first time there. But it was clean and fun. 

 Here is a Robot Rollercoaster

 The entrance 

 Around they go!
 They are still alive
 Mary Ann with me as the kids ride on the bumper cars
 They were Screaming so loud in here!
 Bammmm Bammm
 My Babygirl is DRIVING
 This was a fun game
 Gustavo's team
My score! Yea- I was good! There were two Arab ladies watching me... When I turned around they were laughing... I love getting tickets! We are going to save save save them and get the BIGGEST toy EVER!
I like this place because EVERYTHING is there! The rides, The games, there are pool tables, Bowling and McDonalds! 
There are so many fun things to do for kids here! If they are good all week... They get COOL weekends!

The Grandest Avenue

I have been to the Grand Avenues TWICE since it opened... But I never saw what I saw yesterday! This mall just keeps going and going. If you used to go to the 360 Mall for the higher end stores... There is NO need now as The Avenues has EVERYTHING... I was almost bothered that I saw SO many stores twice.
When you go in the day it is like you are strolling outside... Great natural lighting. At night, It is like Wonderland! I love it.
Here are some shots I took.

 Brown Stone...
 Yes, The trees are REAL
 It is like walking thru an old Souk... There were a lot of lil shops... Oils, Prayer Beads, ETC.
 I found it!! I never saw this place... And I looked. It was JAMMED packed!
 Now it is a whole NEW feel!
 I swear there must be 10-15 Starbucks in this Mall! This one is the nicest though!
 Like London
 Another World!

 This changes colors

 I wish I could fit these Choo's
 A cute set up in Harvey Nichols. I love there store windows too! 
Isn't it so pretty!!!?

Raving Red

I decided to take the BIG leap and try RED lipstick... I did a lot of research on it... And decided that it would be something that I would like to try. Growing up my mother gave me a complex about red... And just recently have I even started to like the color. I painted my nails red and I loved it... So- Let's try the lips! WaaaaaaLaaaaaaaaa
 Here is me and my sweet Mary Ann!
 Inside Sephora... Doing a pic test!
 Now- feeling a bit better about the color
 This was the sales lady... I liked the one on the RIGHT most... But when I put it on... It was ORANGE?
 I went with this one... Rouge Allure #104 PASSION
 Cute tube as well
 Click the gold end and wham... Lipstick releases!

I didn't put it as dark on my hand. I think this is good lipstick because it is HARD to get the color off.
I loved it! You must be a confident person to wear RED lipstick! The attention you get is amazing... Feeling down? Put on some Red Lipstick and some heels! That will be an AUTOMATIC fix! Trust!

So far! Two shades of Lipstick that I am loving! I am sure that I will stick to CHANEL.
Now, I am looking forward to PINK! Bright, Vibrant PINK!

Shake Shack

The kids and I are still on a quest to find the BEST burger in Kuwait...
We decided to try Shake Shack again...

This time, I will tell you that the burgers were better than last time. I do enjoy the crinkly fries:)
This was YUMMMMY! It is like cake and ice cream all mixed together, you know... The way you do it at birthday parties! At least I do!
 As you can see... It is more expensive then the Smash Burger... We will have to go to Fat Burger again... as I do not recall the price...
17.500 KD equals....62.12 USD!!! Oh Me, Oh My!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Brazilian student auctions virginity-Sad

Most of my night... I am watching/listening to the News.

Sometimes I hear things that TRULY sadden me... Like the story below.

Can you imagine?  This is a special moment for any woman... A moment that she will remember for the rest of her life.
At times a lot of us forget how lucky we really are.  I couldn't imagine being in her situation.

I am not sure what this lady's plight was, however, she is now FAMOUS and her virginity went for 780,000!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Blog Loving!


I have found that Blogging has become my favorite past time... If I am not blogging something, then I am reading someone elses blog!

I LOVE IT! Just take the key to my heart you WONDERFUL people!

I am attracted to SMART people! I do not even know who they are, but I am intrigued by them! It is AMAZING!

Since I have been in Kuwait, I have hardly made any friends...
That is strange to me... But something that I am used to. I have been contracting for a long time and I have moved around A LOT so I generally do not get too attached to anyone. I am almost sure that is NOT healthy! I have abandonment issues! LOL.

When I am on the bus to go to work I hear, "Hey Amber", "Hi Amber"...
When I am at the grocery store... In Fahaheel... Malls... Eating Dinner... ETC same thing. A lot of people KNOW who I am... Yet- I do not have friends.

Have I closed myself of as a defense mechanism?

To start the year off right... I have decided to STAY AWAY from any OFFICE DRAMA... And make some friends that do NOT work in my office!