Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dubai Getaway

Readers- Meet Miss Idaho

Here I am waiting to be picked up to go to the Airport! Many people HATE that I love to be on time... But I love that! The shoes in this photo... TORE MY FEET UP!!! OUCH!
The flight wasn't bad....We flew Emirates and landed in Terminal 3... Strangly there was the longest line EVER to get stamped it! I swear we were there an HOUR!
Welcome to Dubai!!!

That is a waterfall WALL!

Awh! Finally in the room!
Blue or Pink???
Me getting myself together
My first time drinking Vodka and Red Bull... I like it
My FAVE drink of all time:)

Ok- We are ready to go!

Outfit Complete
O-M-G!!! We looked so surprised:) Totally scripted though!
I loved this picture:)
We decided to go to the club that was DOWNSTAIRS. It is called ZINC
Isn't she such a FOX!?
A lil Pink Bunny!

Dance... Dance... Dance...

We went to the DUBAI MALL...
We are in The Rainforest Cafe'
With a SWELL view of the Aquarium
Eating with a Monkey!
Me being silly
Lava nachos
I missed my kids and I went ahead and ate a burger:)
They say that it is the BEST... So I had to try it!
Though it was NOT the best I have ever had... In Dubai... It was my FIRST
Elephant and a python!!!
The tounge moves! LOL
After eating... We went to Aldo... Miss Idaho got some very cute GOLD shoes and we got accessories as well... Then- We walked to the Monorail, I swear it felt like we walked 2 miles ... For some STRANGE reason- I have ALWAYS wanted to take the train... As soon as we got on the train... Death became me! It stunk so bad! We got off at the very NEXT stop! And then walked more... The hotel wasn't too far and the weather was GREAT

What a beautiful day it was

Going to eat... Loved the back ground!
Miss Idaho in Italy
It really looks like she is there
So cute!

 Yummy! I ended up eating this AFTER the club as well... It was cold and I used chop sticks! Can you say "SUPER WOMAN"?
Ready to go again!


Silver and Gold

Drink it up!

The bathroom!!!

Mirrors+pictures= Mirror Pictures!!! LOL... I love Mirror pictures. They look so cool!

Miss Idaho foot
My Foot!

She looks like a spokesperson for CAVALLI Vodka!
One of the walls in the bathrooms

And just like that... It was gone!
I am taking a picture of you taking a picture! LOL